Gridlock Caused the Destruction of Mayan Civilization?

Ancient Mayan City of Palenque


Got an email of a news item that contained the following from an interview with Rebecca Costa:

I don’t want to argue with historians, whether the Mayans collapsed because of drought or warfare or pandemic virus…

And in fact, what I did discover was that there were two early signs that a civilization was going into collapse. First, they became gridlocked and unable to solve their problems as their problems migrated from one generation to another, despite knowing those problems might do them in…And the second symptom was that the worse their situation got, the more they began to rely on beliefs as their way out, as opposed to rational methods that were fact-based, empirically based…

But if you look at the Mayan civilization, for example, they knew for thousands of years about drought conditions. They’re known as major inventors, in terms of hydraulic technology. They built vast reservoirs and underground cisterns. They practiced water conservation and crop rotation. They were very sophisticated in terms of their use of water during times when water was scarce. But as the drought grew worse, and their government and their people were not able to solve that problem, they began shifting away from manmade solutions to fetishism and sacrifice…They had completely turned their back on any way of solving their drought.

While I would not equate inflating the money supply and increasing debt with human sacrifice, the reality is that there is political gridlock in the USA and the way it has been handled so far (debt and “quantitative easing”) is not a rational solution.

It is not only the Mayans who did not look for truly rational solutions to economic problems.

Here is are a couple of headlines and some information about USA gridlock economic/budget:

7 November 2012…

So the big question a day after Obama’s decisive electoral-vote victory is, will it be gridlock as usual or did Tuesday night’s results herald a new era of compromise? The answer is especially urgent in the face of a policy threat that some economists say could trigger another recession if left un-addressed…Boehner said Tuesday night there is “no mandate for raising taxes.” He told Fox News earlier that Obama “knows we’re not going to raise taxes on American small businesses. He knows it.” Boehner predicted a “real brawl” if the president doubles down on that.

Boehner said Wednesday afternoon that he is willing to work with the White House and Democrats in Congress to tackle “massive debt” as well as the looming “fiscal cliff,” though he suggested his focus will be on closing tax loopholes more than raising rates.

And there are more similar articles in the news, but my point is that gridlock has been a fact of life in Washington, D.C. and the election results earlier this week suggest that unless rational heads prevail, irrational solutions to the economic problems for the USA will be those that will be relied upon the most.  And they are the most dangerous (cf. Habakkuk 2).

Rome collapsed, the Mayan civilization collapsed, the USA will collapse too (though not in 2012).  Gridlock might play a role in the end of the USA.

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