Health Care Claimed as Cause of Decline of UK and USA Empires


Yesterday, USA President Barack Obama signed his health care reform package into law.  Today, at least one believes that health care is the cause of the end of empires:

Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline?
CNBC – March 24, 2010

The passage of the health care law shows that the US empire is declining because it illustrates the fact that people expect the state to take care of them, David Murrin, the co-founder of Emergent Asset Management hedge fund manager, told CNBC.

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Now, empires can rise even with national health care (the EU is proving that).  But the health care bill in the USA is different for many reasons that I will not go into here.

It is greed and sin that cause the end of empires, and expecting others to pay for one’s bills is consistent with the way of get.  It is not that there are not problems with health care in the USA (for there are many), but the approach that appears to be intended to be implemented now will be costly to the USA.

The Bible warned that the descendants of Israel would be cursed with debt if they failed to obey God.  The way I understand it, the health care plan will increase debt, at least for several years.  Other actions in the USA will as well.  The debt trend is not good.  The “American empire” has been in decline for some time now and anything that increases American debt is hazardous to the nation.

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