Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Gustav Over Cuba


The multi-island nation of the Bahamas has been affected by Hurricane Irene and the Eastern USA is being hit by it:

US East Coast Braces as Irene Strengthens Over the Bahamas

Wall Street Journal – ‎25 August 2011
Hurricane Irene thrashed the Bahamas early Thursday, with widespread damage reported on at least two southern islands. The storm is threatening to pummel the Eastern Seaboard over the next several days as far north as Maine. It is a powerful Category 3 hurricane with winds at 115 miles an hour.

Fox News – ‎25 August 2011

| AP Virginia officials warned residents on Thursday to prepare for massive power outages, flooding and damage from Hurricane Irene comparable to that of Hurricane Isabel, which knocked out power to about 2 million people as it tore through the state

Between the Virginia earthquake and now Hurricane Irene, the Eastern USA has had “troubles” (cf. Mark 13:8) this week.

These types of things may be parts of what Jesus referred to as “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:8) before the great tribulation (Matthew 24:21).  Or this may just be a normal hurricane for the season (though the earthquake was not normal for the area, and the possible flooding from Irene may be far from normal).

Of course, while carnal protection is wise, spiritual protection is even more important.

LCG has long had a booklet of possibly related interest titled “Who Controls the Weather? ” that is available for those interested in more on the weather and Bible prophecy.

Now there is good news as ultimately, God’s kingdom will come.

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