Hurricane Ike, ICG, and WCG

Hurricane Gustav Over Cuba
Hurricane Gustav


Hurricane Ike seems to be stronger reaching the USA than the over-rated Hurricane Gustav.

In his update tonight, Texas-based ICG leader Mark Armstrong reported:

Up here in Tyler there is something of a crisis atmosphere. Our area is bulging with people from further south who have come to our area to escape hurricane force winds and flooding expected to arrive later tonight. Area grocery stores are jammed with shoppers making provisions for the problems associated with forecast high winds, torrential rains and power outages that may visit here as the storm is expected to track right up our way. Some of the gas stations up and down the highway where our offices are located are out of regular gas, in some cases roped off and completely out. Local forecasts are calling for 50 or 60 mph winds, but we also have the potential for tornadoes. We’ve made calls to members of the local congregation, canceling the Tyler service for tomorrow.

The news made the following comments about Hurricane Ike:

Monster Storm Ike Hammers Texas Coast


HOUSTON (Sept. 12) – Hurricane Ike, a colossal storm nearly as big as Texas itself, began battering the coast Friday, threatening to obliterate waterfront towns and give the skyscrapers, refineries and docks of the nation’s fourth-largest city their worst pounding in a generation.

But even as towering waves started crashing over the 17-foot Galveston seawall and floodwaters rose in low-lying areas, it became clear that many of the 1 million coastal residents who had been ordered to get out refused to do so and were taking their chances.

Authorities in three counties alone said roughly 90,000 stayed behind, despite a warning from forecasters that many of those in one- or two-story homes faced “certain death.”

Earlier today, WCG’s J. Tkach commented:

Hurricanes – floods – earthquakes – tornadoes – fires. The very words can be terrifying.

We know that God is powerful enough to stop such disasters.

The Bible reveals that God does control the weather and it is one of the ways He tries to make certain points with humans.

Weather problems seems to be increased this year.  But the end is not yet.

LCG has long had a booklet of possibly related interest titled “Who Controls the Weather? ” that is available for those interested in more on the weather and Bible prophecy.

Now there is good news as ultimately, God’s kingdom will come.

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