Hurricane Dean Poised to Hit Land

Dean Poised for Direct Hit on Jamaica

The Caribbean nation converts schools, churches and the indoor national sports arena into shelters and authorities urge people to take cover ahead of a hurricane that could rake the country with winds of 145 mph and dump 20 inches of rain.

Interestingly, LCG reported a couple of days ago:

Apocalyptic Weather Events and Prophecy. Some question the validity of claims involving global climate change. Yet, it is instructive to consider these claims in light of Bible prophecy.  Jesus predicted that in the last days, there would be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places (Matthew 24:7). John foresaw a great earthquake, the sun becoming black as sackcloth, the moon turning blood red and every mountain being moved out of place (Revelation 6:12-15). Given these clear prophecies, it is worth noting what climatologists expect will happen with rising sea levels: increased earthquake activity due to increased pressure on the continental plates from rising sea levels, increased tsunami activity and more major landslides. Increased volcanic activity will produce more ash and soot in the air—making the sun black and the moon red as predicted by John. A one-meter sea level rise would also destroy one-third of the world’s agriculture (Guardian Unlimited, August 7, 2007). Some doubt the concept of global climate change, but the predicted outcomes of this apparent weather phenomenon correlate closely with the end-time events of the Bible. Whether or not climate change is “caused by man” is of little consequence—what is important is that God can use it to chastise the rebellious nations of the world.

The Bible does have some dire warnings for those living in islands.  Information can be found in the article Islands and Bible Prophecy.

Postscript from LCG 8/23/07:

Hurricane Dean

As Hurricane Dean followed its path over the Caribbean and the Antilles, our brethren were protected and did not suffer any personal injuries.

Etienne Duval, our deacon in Martinique, reported, “We were forced to cancel Sabbath services on August 18. I have been able to visit all the brethren except two. Their properties suffered very little damage, overall, but must of us still don’t have water or electricity in our homes.”

From Haiti, our deacon Jove Jean-Pierre, reported, “Thanks to God, this natural disaster did not cause too much destruction in the capital. All the members of the Church in Port-au-Prince are safe.”

Reporting on Jamaica and Barbados, Mr. Shumway wrote, “Barbados was spared from the brunt of the storm. Trees were knocked down and there was some flooding. It appears that our members were not directly affected…. Thankfully, Hurricane Dean veered about 50 miles south of Jamaica, which prevented a direct hit. Power and water supply were disrupted nationwide. We have been able to contact most of our members and all are doing well. We were especially concerned about our members on Portland Point, the southernmost part of the island. One widow there commented about her home, ‘There wasn’t even a leak!’ Power was restored to our Jamaica office last night. Today is the first day the office has been able to operate since the hurricane. The Jamaica Grande Resort, our Feast site located to the north in Ocho Rios, was not adversely affected. We are deeply grateful to our Great God for His protection. The members in Jamaica thank all their brethren for their heartfelt prayers. God does certainly hear!”

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