Iran’s President-elect wants to negotiate with the USA and credits the ‘Islamic messiah’ for his election

Iran’s President-Elect Hassan Rouhani (Photo by Mojtaba Salimi )


Iran’s new president-elect is in the news:

June 26, 2013

Rohani said one-on-one talks with Washington are the only way for breakthroughs in the nuclear standoff, given that the United States – as he put it – is the world’s “sheriff.”….

“We have disagreements with the U.S. on regional and international matters, but obviously friendship or hostility with the world is not permanent,” Rohani told an audience at Tehran’s Sharif University in his May address. “Every country can improve its relations with others.”…

Iranian officials, including Rohani, say that Iran will not give up control over the entire nuclear cycle, which turns uranium ore into reactor-ready fuel, but that it only seeks the technology for energy production and medical uses.

“The bottom line is that Rohani’s views are not a wholesale change from the ruling system’s. They are pretty much the same on all the central points on what Iran wants,” said Mohammad Ali Shabani, a British-based Middle East expert concentrating on Iranian affairs. “The issue is over tactics and how to get there.”

So believe that Iran’s President-Elect Hassan Rouhani (spelled Rohani in the above article) is basically doing this to give Iran more time to pursue its nuclear goals, which many believe includes producing nuclear weapons.

Iran’s President-Elect Hassan Rouhani made some interesting comments last week as he credited the mystical ‘Imam Mahdi’ for his recent election (I call him ‘mystical’ because the Iranian Shi-ite view is that he has essentially been in a type of suspended animation for over 1,000 years, but then he will return and rule Jerusalem):

Iran’s newly elected president, Hassan Rohani, attributed his victory in the June 15 voting to the 12th Imam, Mahdi, a statement with ominous overtones in the Islamic regime’s quest for nuclear weapons.

The Shiites believe that at the end of times, the 12th Imam, a 9th-century prophet, will reappear with Jesus Christ at his side, kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world. Many analysts believe Iran is seeking nuclear capability to bring on that Armageddon.

“This political [election] was due to the kindness of the last Islamic messiah [Mahdi],” Rohani said Friday.

Kayhan newspaper, the main media outlet of the regime and the mouthpiece of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ran a centerpiece headline Saturday reporting Rohani’s statement .

Iran’s current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had stated that the Imam Mahdi, someone similar to the biblical King of the South of Daniel 11:40-43) would arise before he (President Ahmadinejad) left office. Well, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaves office August 2/3 2013, and so either he will be wrong (which he will be) and/or he will take steps to try to make this happen and/or he may claim that the Imam Mahdi has arisen, but more privately than publicly.

Iran put out a video a few years ago, basically telling the Arab world that it intends to takeover Jerusalem and give it to this Imam Mahdi.  The video indicates that this will be by military conquest by the Iranians against the Israelis and that it wants the Arab nations to back it (see Iran’s Ahmadinejad to Conquer Jerusalem?).  By crediting his election to the Imam Mahdi, Iran’s President-Elect Hassan Rouhani seems to be signaling that he wants that war, while at the same time trying to tell the USA that he wants peaceful talks, etc.  The Shi’ite view of the Imam Mahdi suggests that Iran will rule the Islamic world in the end times.

Yet, my reading and re-reading of Bible prophecy simply does not show that Iran will be a major player in Daniel 11:21-44 nor the deal of Psalm 83:4-8 (Arabs, Turks, and Europeans are); though Ezekiel 30:1-9 possibly implicates Iran as a supporter of an end-time confederation involving Egypt.

I have long felt that “neutralizing” Iran would allow most of the other Islamic states (like Saudi Arabia and Egypt) to continue to exist (Damascus the capital of Syria, is prophesied to be destroyed according to Isaiah 17:1) and allow for the rising of the prophesied King of the South of Daniel 11 to rise up (revolution in Iran, is also another possibility, for its “neutralization”).

This neutralization may well happen under the administration of Hassan Rowhani, especially if Israel learns that Iran is saying one thing while doing another on its nuclear program.  Of course, Iran’s current administration could also possibly trigger it. But either way, Iran is going to end up with LESS influence in the Islamic world in the future according to my reading on Bible prophecy.  And it may take a regional war and/or civil war to accomplish that.

It is certainly possible that Hassan Rowhani will have a part in contributing to this happening.  That is how I view his words about nuclear negotiations and his crediting of the Imam Mahdi for his election.

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