‘Japan prepares for North Korean refugee crisis if Kim Jong-un starts WW3’ Some think Donald Trump is about to trigger WWIII


There is more talk of World War III in the air:

Japan prepares for North Korean refugee crisis if Kim Jong-un starts WW3

17 April 2017

JAPAN is bracing itself for booming numbers of refugees from North and South Korea if tensions between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump spill over into all-out World War 3. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/792843/Japan-North-Korean-refugee-crisis-Kim-Jong-un-Donald-Trump-WW3

The Planet is Legitimately Freaking Out About World War III

It’s not just you.
Ben Cohen

Last Friday, I penned an article asking whether Donald Trump was about to kick off World War III. I wrote it in response to his out of the blue aggression against North Korea … Had President Obama overtly threatened North Korea you could safely assume that it would have been a calculated move as part of a broader strategy. But with Donald Trump leading the charge, you can safely assume that it is not a calculated move and not part of a broader strategy. Trump is going after North Korea because he thinks it makes him look tough and believes China will realize what a big strong leader he is. China of course doesn’t think this at all — they believe Trump is a unstable buffoon meddling in a situation he doesn’t understand.  …

Trump is making the world a more dangerous place by the day, and if cooler heads do not prevail we may well be on the cusp of an almighty global conflict that Trump’s people have wanted all along.  …

In the reality, other countries will respond to Trump’s aggression and hostility in kind, making the survival of our species all the less likely. Because in the age of awesomely destructive nuclear weapons, we can incinerate ourselves in the blink of an eye. http://thedailybanter.com/2017/04/the-planet-is-legitimately-freaking-out-about-world-war-iii/

The world is a dangerous place, and if the USA gets involved in a significant military engagement with North Korea, the world will ultimately have issues as to how the Trump Administration handled it. And that will not bode well for the USA.

A technologically-sophisticated power, that the world does not expect will rise up militarily (Revelation 13:1-4). This will not end well for the USA (Daniel 11:39).

That being said, the spat between the USA and North Korea is NOT World War III.

Nor do I believe that Donald Trump WANTs to have prolonged wars anywhere.

But one day, a war will come to the USA that will result in its end (see USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

What Donald Trump has been doing is NOT about to spark WWIII with this Korean matter (see also our video, related to this, which is titled: Syria, North Korea, and Prophecy).

That being said, it is certainly possible that North Korea could inflict problems on the USA. It not only has capability for nuclear weapons, it can make ‘dirty bombs’ (conventional bombs with radioactive materials), can be involved in terrorist activities, and is believed to have the capability of electro-magnetic pulse bomb capability. The USA can be TROUBLED by North Korea (Mark 13:8).

WWIII will happen, but it WILL NOT happen in the first term of a Donald Trump presidency, nor will it be essentially a battle between the USA and North Korea (see also our video, related to this, which is titled: Syria, North Korea, and Prophecy).

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