North Korea Severs All Ties with South Korea: Are There Prophetic Ramifications?

Flag of Korea, 1889


North Korea severed all ties today with South Korea:

US deems as ‘odd’ North Korea move severing ties with South

(AFP) – 6 hours ago

WASHINGTON — North Korea’s decision to sever ties with South Korea over Seoul’s charges it torpedoed one of its warships is an “odd” move contrary to Pyongyang’s self-interest, a US official said Tuesday.

“I can’t imagine a step that is less in the long-term interest of the North Korean people than cutting off further ties with South Korea,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters when asked to comment on the move by the North.

This is an unusual, and probably highly foolish, move.

Why might this be prophetic?

North Korea has denied that it sunk the South Korean ship.  But since the USA and South Korea are convinced that North Korea did sink the South Korean ship, it is highly likely that it did.

Even though South Korea was outraged by the incident and cut off trade, its president had stated that South Korea still would provide some humanitarian assistance to North Korea (South Korea Halts Trade with North Korea).  Thus, cutting off all ties with South Korea will mean that some will likely starve in North Korea.

Starving people are desperate people.

If there is more starvation and other problems in North Korea because of North Korea’s decision to cut off all ties AND if the North Koreans themselves eventually learn that North Korea did, in fact, sink the South Korean ship, this may be the impetus for the North Koreans to revolt and overthrow their current government.  This would likely lead to real cooperation, and perhaps eventual unity, with South Korea.

The North Korean politicians are playing a dangerous game, and one that they are very likely to lose.  Biblical prophecy seems to suggest cooperation in Korea in the final time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  North Korea’s latest decision may inadvertently help fulfill that prophetic understanding.

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