South Korea’s President warns North Korea and expects reunification

Flag of Korea, 1889


South Korea’s outgoing President made at least one statement of prophetic interest publicly today:

February 19, 2013

SEOUL — In a farewell speech to the nation six days before leaving office, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on Tuesday warned Pyongyang its missiles and weapons are taking the North “closer and closer to a dead-end.”

Lee alerted his compatriots to hastily prepare for reunification of the Korean peninsula. The president asserted that “even though the North Korean regime is refusing to change, its citizens are quickly changing and nobody can block that.

However, there is no outside evidence of any citizen protests in isolated North Korea which human rights advocates describe as one of the world’s most repressive states.

In past months, North Korea has defied international sanctions by launching a rocket into orbit and claiming a successful underground test of a third nuclear device…

North Korea dominates the agenda at the Asan 2013 Nuclear Forum where participants are in disagreement about to blame for the perceived diplomatic failures and what to do next…

The two Koreas fought a devastating three-year war to a stalemate in 1953. The United States led U.N. forces formed to save South Korea after the North invaded in 1950. China intervened to aid the North Koreans.

South Korea was not a signatory to the armistice and the two Koreas have never normalized relations, as both still claim the entire peninsula and they technically remain at war.

I have been expecting that a top level South Korean leader would say something like South Korean President Lee Myung-bak just did.  The vast difference between the wealth of South Korea and the extreme poverty of North Korea will affect all the Koreans more in the future.

The North Korean politicians have long played a dangerous game that has greatly hurt the people of North Korea.  Yet, this is a game that the politicians are very likely to lose.

Biblical prophecy seems to suggest cooperation in Korea in the final time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.   The comments from South Korea’s outgoing president are consistent with that.

The Koreans are Asians and occupy the “land of the sunrise” (Revelation 16:2) and I believe that they are part of the kings of the east that the Book of Revelation discusses having a role in the end time (Revelation 9:16).  For years I have written that I expect that they will reunify.  The unification of North and South Korea is consistent with biblical prophecy.  But North Korea may take unusual actions before then, and it may regret doing so.

Hopefully, the Red Horseman of war (Revelation 6:3-4) will not have to visit them first–but something like this may happen later this year or shortly thereafter.

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