Jordan’s King Believes USA Can Cause Middle East Peace Deal



The King of Jordan indicates that he believes that the USA can get a peace deal:

Jordan’s king: Palestinian-Israeli peace will succeed with US help

Washington Post – ‎21 May 2011
By AP, AMMAN, Jordan – Days after White House talks with President Barack Obama, Jordan’s king says that Palestinian-Israeli “peace will succeed” with America’s help.

Yet, notice the following from yesterday:

Netanyaho Rejects Borders

Yankton Daily Press – Ben Feller – ‎13 hours ago‎

AP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON — In a blunt display of differences, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of using his country’s 1967 boundaries as the basis for a neighboring Palestinian state on Friday, declaring his objections face-to-face to President Barack Obama who had raised the idea just 24 hours earlier in an effort to revive stalled Mideast peace talks.

So, apparently the King of Jordan believes that the USA can pressure Israel despite the fact that Israeli President Netanyahu was strongly opposed to the “peace” proposal that the US President Barack Obama made.  Yet, the King of Jordan is likely right that ultimately the USA will help get such a deal (although biblically, it only requires a European leader, until the USA is gone it is likely to be an important player in this).

I believe that the USA, by treating Israel the way it has for the past couple of years, is likely to receive cursings, instead of blessings, from God.  And while the USA (and other countries) have other sins that can (and will) provoke this, it seems strange that the USA would be pressuring the USA the way the USA President did on Thursday.

Of course, as regular readers of this page are aware, the Bible tells of a time where a seven year peace deal is made, but that gets broken in the middle (Daniel 9:27) and that related events begin the Great Tribulation.  And while that deal will ultimately happen, shortly after it gets broken, the end of the USA will also happen (Daniel 11:39; Jeremiah 30:7).  Watch (Mark 13).

Events in the world line up to bring many biblical prophecies to pass.

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