Obama’s Middle East Peace Plan


US President Obama apparently has a peace plan for the Middle East:

Barack Obama ‘to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah to press for peace’
President Barack Obama will visit Jerusalem in coming months to press for a Middle East peace deal to be signed this year and implemented within a decade, according to a leaked White House report.

The Bible tells of a time when some type of apparent peace deal will be implemented in the Middle East.

While there could be a peace deal soon, it may be that the deal that fulfills the prophecy in Daniel 9:27 will NOT take place until after their has been another round of war in the Middle East.  One issue for the current situation is that the Europeans expect to be part of any comprehensive peace deal in the Middle East:

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Friday the EU should be at the table when the Israeli and Palestinian leaders resume direct peace talks in Washington on Thursday…

The EU will “still have plenty more opportunities to contribute to the process and will be called upon to help support the talks.”The EU is part of the so-called Middle East Quartet, working along with Russia, the United Nations and the United States to try to bring peace to the region.

AFP, August 28, 2010  http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gVij5PjtdbWbjtGmLoJpLLiUCngg

And this European expectation is consistent with the prophecies in Daniel 9:26-27.

While it is possible that the USA will broker the deal and it will simply be confirmed by a rising “prince” within the European Union, it may be that Europe will play a much greater role.  Because of the prospect that war may happen before peace and the EU’s limited current involvement, these are some of the reasons that I do not believe that the peace deal of Daniel 9:27 is likely to be attained next month–it is remotely possible still, but remote.

Barack Obama essentially expects to ask to bring in European leaders after there is insufficient progress in the current talks, perhaps as early as October according to one report (see Obama’s Back-Up Peace Plan for the Fall of 2010).  And then his plan seems to include putting troops in the Middle East (Will Obama’s Plan Have Jerusalem Surrounded by Armies?) which brings to mind Jesus’ words in Luke 21:20–though I do not believe that the actual surrounding of Jerusalem will happen for a few years (however, some “peace-keeping” troops could be assigned there prior to what will happen to fulfill Luke 21:20).

Obviously, the USA President would like to have a peace deal.  But since the Palestinians and Israelis seem fairly far apart at this stage, this is likely to take time.  But that too, seems consistent with Barack Obama’s plans for the region and could tie into biblical prophecies.

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