Kiev appoints new president and then warns Russia

Oleksandr Turchynov (ВО Свобода)


The Kiev government in Ukraine voted in new leaders and at least two made warnings to Russia after the Russian flag was raised:

February 27, 2014

Ukraine’s parliament has approved a new cabinet replacing that of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych.

The new government, comprising more than 20 ministers, is headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former foreign and economics minister.

The new cabinet gained the support of 331 lawmakers in the 450-mandate chamber.

Tensions in Crimea rising

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s acting president has warned Russia against moving troops outside its base in Crimea. The warning follows the seizure of the local parliament building by unidentified gunmen.

Oleksandr Turchnyov warned its powerful neighbor that if Russian troops advance beyond their base in Sevastapol, Ukraine will consider it “military aggression.”

Russia has expressed concern about the majority Russian-speaking population of Crimea following the ouster of Ukraine’s pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. Russia leases a military base on the southern peninsula for its Black Sea Fleet.

Amateur video Thursday showed a line of unidentified armored personnel carriers said to be approaching the regional capital Simferopol. The video could not be independently confirmed.

In Simferopol overnight, armed men seized government buildings and raised the Russian flag…

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are also high on the Ukrainian border, with Russia having ordered emergency military exercises in the area. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described the maneuvers as testing troops’ readiness to deal with threats to national security. Some 150,000 Russian troops are reportedly taking part in the drill…

Meanwhile, Russia has agreed to ensure the personal safety of Ukraine’s ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, Russian news agencies quoted a source in the authorities as saying on Thursday.

“In connection with the appeal by president Yanukovych for his personal security to be guaranteed, I report that the request has been granted on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the source was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

Yanukovych has said he still considers himself Ukraine’s head of state and has asked Russia to ensure his personal safety.

The ousted leader released a statement to Russian news agencies on Thursday, from an undisclosed location.

Ukraine has a lot of ties to Russia, gets economic benefits from Russia, and has a Russian military presence within its borders.  Furthermore, it does not have the military power to actually win any type of conventional war against Russia.

Many are wondering what will Russia’s Vladimir Putin do?  His ordering of drills for 150,000 troops is telling the world in general, and Ukraine in particular, that Russia considers that it has vital interests in Ukraine and may take military action if deemed necessary by him.

Vladimir Putin is a calculating, but also decisive, leader.  My guess is that he is looking at his options, and partially will do so based upon how much support or opposition he would expect for taking military action.  Vladimir Putin is also somewhat opportunistic and may be waiting for the new government to make some mistake or take some step that he considers sufficient to justify bolder action on Russia’s part.

Since much of the eastern portion of Ukraine speaks Russian (at least those over 35) and have ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, many there would probably support a government with increased ties to Russia.

I doubt US President Barack Obama wants to go to war with Russia over Ukraine.  And I suspect that Vladimir Putin’s lack of respect for Barack Obama is something that Vladimir Putin is also mulling over.  Yet, Vladimir Putin also wants to create and expand a Eurasian Union and likely will make a decision based upon how he feels a decision will affect his cherished Eurasian Union goals.

Ukraine is in in a very strategic location. Ukraine borders Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. All but the first two and Moldova are currently in the European Union–and Moldova has applied (see Georgia and Moldova sign up to join European Union, Ukraine does not).  Russia would like Ukraine to be a buffer against the West.  A divided Ukraine would not be ideal for that, but Russia may decide that is better than an undivided Ukraine in the European Union.

Because of end-time scripture concerning the Medes, it is clear that some in Ukraine will end up supporting a coming Russian-led confederation that will turn against the final European Babylonian Beast power (Isaiah 13:1, 17-19; Jeremiah 51:11).

Even if the Kiev government can get at least part of Ukraine into the European Union, those in the portion of the land dominated by the Medes will end up turning against the European Babylon power in the end raine will end up supporting a coming Russian-led confederation that will turn against the final European Babylonian Beast power (Isaiah 13:1, 17-19; Jeremiah 51:11).

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