King Charles to visit France and Germany–could this help set the stage for prophecies written by Hosea to be fulfilled?


Buckingham Palace and the governments in France and Germany announced the first state visit by UK’s King Charles III:

Charles III to visit France, Germany in first trip as king

King Charles III’s first trip abroad as king will take him to major European partners France, and then Germany. The German president’s office said he would visit from March 29-31 after several days in France.

Britain’s King Charles III’s first foreign trip since his mother’s death will take him first to France and then to Germany at the end of March.

A spokesperson at Buckingham Palace in the UK said the visit “will celebrate Britain’s relationship with France and Germany, marking our shared histories, culture and values.”

“It will also provide an opportunity to look forwards and demonstrate the many ways the UK is working in partnership with France and Germany.”

The offices of French President Emmanuel Macron and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced the trips on Friday around lunch time.

“The fact that King Charles chose Germany and France as his first destinations before his coronation is also an important European gesture,” German President Steinmeier’s office said in a statement, saying that Charles would visit Germany from March 29-31.

March 3, 2023

LONDON (AP) — King Charles III will travel to France and Germany for his first state visits since becoming monarch, Buckingham Palace said Friday, underscoring Britain’s efforts to build bridges with its European neighbors following years of strained relations caused by Brexit.

Charles and Camilla, the queen consort, are set to visit the European Union’s two biggest countries March 26-31, hosted by Presidents Emmanuel Macron of France and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, the palace announced.

“The visit will celebrate the U.K.’s relationship with France and Germany, marking our shared histories, culture and values,″ the palace said. “It is also a chance to look forwards and show the many ways our countries are working in partnership, whether that be to tackle climate change; respond to the conflict in Ukraine; seize trade and investment opportunities or share the best of our arts and culture.″

This will be the first such state visit to Germany since Brexit.

Charles’ mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, last visited Germany in 2015–which was one year before Brexit. Some felt that she was pro-Brexit.

Whether or not King Charles III was, he is not about to publicly try to overturn Brexit, but he does want the UK to have better relations with the European Union. Prince Charles had been a World Economic Forum (WEF) member and supporter (though as King Chalres he cannot play as public of an advocacy role. But, perhaps it should be mentioned that in 2020, then Prince Charles declared that there was no alternative but to support the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda (

As it turns out, the WEF does want Europe to rise up and lead the world. Or as WEF Chief Executive Philippe Donnet wrote related to global governance:

“The world needs a leader. Europe should step up … Global leadership, especially in socioeconomic terms, could become the shared goal of European citizens.” (Donnet P. The world needs a leader. Europe should step up. WEF, January 17, 2018)

The Bible tells of a time when the world will be dominated by Europe (cf. Revelation chapters 13,17, and 18).

Consider, further, that the Book of Hosea specifically shows that there will be problems with Israel, Ephraim (the British), and Judah. And these are problems that seem to coincide to the sequence in Daniel 11:39-42.

Notice what Hosea 5:5 teaches will be fulfilled:

5 The pride of Israel testifies to his face; Therefore Israel and Ephraim stumble in their iniquity; Judah also stumbles with them.

Hosea is showing that Israel/U.S.A., Ephraim/United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand, and Judah (the nation now called Israel) will have problems. This prophetically may be because of an attack by the King of the North on the U.S.A. and some of its English-speaking allies (Daniel 11:39)–which also will be the start of the Great Tribulation. The U.S.A. probably will have had pride in its military power which then will be broken and its cities made desolate (cf. Leviticus 26:19, 28-33).

Hosea 8:14 discusses the cities being devoured by fire. Sodom and Gomorrah were partially destroyed to be examples to those who would go for “sexual immorality” and “strange flesh” (Jude 7)—truly those sins are becoming more in the Anglo-lands (see also The Bible Condemns Homosexuality). Those who do not believe that these words apply to the modern descendants of Jacob will not apparently understand this (cf. Deuteronomy 29:29).

Those who trust in oppression and perversity will have sudden destruction come upon them (Isaiah 30:12-13). The Anglo-nations should know better, but will not repent, and Hosea was inspired to write:

5… the Assyrian shall be his king, Because they refused to repent. (Hosea 11:5)

This is not to say that non-Anglo peoples do not have sin or that they will not be punished. The Bible is clear that Assyria will be an end time, northern power that God will punish per Zephaniah 2:13-15, which seems to go along with Revelation 18:1-10. Many will be made slaves (see also Will the Anglo-Saxon Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?).

Just prior to the start of the Great Tribulation, the Philadelphia remnant will have fled (Revelation 12:14-16; see also Matthew 24:15-21) since Jesus promised them protection from that “hour of trial” (Revelation 3:7-10).

Then Hosea shows that the following also comes about:

6 “With their flocks and herds

They shall go to seek the Lord,

But they will not find Him;

He has withdrawn Himself from them.

7 They have dealt treacherously with the Lord,

For they have begotten pagan children.

Now a New Moon shall devour them and their heritage. (Hosea 5:6-7)

Because of the “sin of Samaria” (Amos 8:14; which looks to be a reference to the modern U.S.A.) there will be a famine of the word that God will have happen (Amos 8:11-12) to at least the North Americans—the place where much of the Philadelphia remnant would have fled from (between Daniel 11:30-39).

Hosea continues to record terrible distresses for these people, then notice what follows in Hosea 5:13-14.

13 When Ephraim saw his sickness, And Judah saw his wound, Then Ephraim went to Assyria And sent to King Jareb; Yet he cannot cure you, Nor heal you of your wound. 14 For I will be like a lion to Ephraim, And like a young lion to the house of Judah. I, even I, will tear them and go away; I will take them away, and no one shall rescue.

So then Ephraim tries to make a deal with Assyria. Prophetic Ephraim is the United Kingdom and its British-descended allies. Prophetic Assyria is Germany and its European allies.

Also notice Hosea 8:8-9 where Ephraim apparently tries to pay for help while Israel (perhaps the U.S.A. or the U.S.A. and Judah) is essentially gone:

8 Israel is swallowed up; Now they are among the Gentiles, Like a vessel in which is no pleasure. 9 For they have gone up to Assyria, Like a wild donkey alone by itself; Ephraim has hired lovers.

In Hosea 12:1 Ephraim tries to make a deal with the Assyrians:

1 Ephraim feeds on the wind, And pursues the east wind; He daily increases lies and desolation. Also they make a covenant with the Assyrians. And oil is carried to Egypt.

By attempting to establish better relations with the Europeans, King Charles III looks to be helping set the stage now for the UK to ask Germany for help in the future.

And in Hosea 7:11-12 Ephraim also tries to make a deal with Egypt and Assyria. This deal seems to be made after the USA has been eliminated or is on its way out.

11 Ephraim also is like a silly dove, without sense—They call to Egypt, They go to Assyria. 12 Wherever they go, I will spread My net on them; I will bring them down like birds of the air; I will chastise them, According to what their congregation has heard.

There would seem to be no point in going to Egypt if the King of the South has already been overwhelmed by the King of the North, so this attempt to make deals might happen fairly early in the Great Tribulation.

There is nothing that I am aware of in world history that shows that Ephraim calls to Egypt after Hosea was written in a manner to fulfill that prophecy. Since this is a prophecy that must come to pass, this is one more reason why I believe the Bible supports the concept that the King of the North invades the U.S.A. and its English-speaking allies before it invades the King of the South–this is something several COGs do not understand nor teach correctly (see also Do You Hold to Any of These Laodicean Prophetic Errors?; here is a link to a related video: 50+ Laodicean Prophetic Errors).

Notice that Ephraim will eat unclean things in Assyria:

3 They shall not dwell in the Lord’s land, But Ephraim shall return to Egypt, And shall eat unclean things in Assyria. (Hosea 9:3)

These verses in Hosea suggest that the Ephraimites (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and the Jews (modern Israel) think they should get some protection from Assyria (Germany), probably because the U.S.A. (Manasseh) was the primary reason the King of the North attacked the strongest fortresses and/or because they have made various treaties.

Furthermore, it shows that one of the reasons that Israel, including Ephraim, is swallowed up is because they trusted Assyria. King Charles III, for example, may feel that way after his upcoming trip.

Yet, the Bible shows that Assyria is a people who Isaiah 10 shows will destroy nations:

5 Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger
And the staff in whose hand is My indignation.
6 I will send him against an ungodly nation,
And against the people of My wrath
I will give him charge,
To seize the spoil, to take the prey,
And to tread them down like the mire of the streets.
7 Yet he does not mean so,
Nor does his heart think so;
But it is in his heart to destroy,
And cut off not a few nations. (Isaiah 10:5-7)

Interestingly, Ephraim, Manasseh/Samaria, and Judah are also prophesied to turn on each other to some degree (Isaiah 9:21).

This seems to be consistent also with a Roman Catholic prophecy:

St. Senanus (died 560): They (English) themselves will betray each other… (Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 128)

Hosea 10:9-11 suggests that Ephraim and Judah will be forced into hard labor, perhaps around this time as well; while 11:1-8 says that Assyria will be the king of Ephraim and Israel, because they refused to repent, and that the sword will devour their cities.

The famous third century Roman Catholic theologian and Bishop Hippolytus tied Assyria in with the Antichrist/King of the North power:

But Isaiah also speaks thus: “And it shall come to pass, that when the Lord has performed His whole work upon Mount Zion and on Jerusalem, He will punish (visit) the stout mind, the king of Assyria, and the greatness (height) of the glory of his eyes“…For when he has the power, he will begin to exalt himself against God, neither in truth fearing God, nor regarding the Son of God…And Isaiah also to the like effect: “Forasmuch as the people refuses…therefore, lo, the Lord brings up upon you the water of the river, strong and full, even the king of Assyria.” By the king he means metaphorically Antichrist…(Hippolytus. On the Antichrist, chapters 16, 57).

Although he believes that the final Antichrist springs from the tribe of Dan (Ibid, chapter 15), Hippolytus seems to be connecting attributes of the King of the North who exalts himself above God (Daniel 11:36-37) with the king of Assyria (Isaiah 8:3-8; 10:5-11) who is punished in Isaiah 10:12. The Bible is clear that Assyria will be an end time, northern power that God will punish per Zephaniah 2:13-15, which seems to go along with Revelation 18:1-10. Jerome, in his passage involving Assur and Germany, also mentioned Antichrist (see Germany’s Assyrian Roots Throughout History for details), hence he may have continued with Hippolytus’ view.

The famous third century Greco-Roman Catholic theologian and Bishop Victorinus tied Assur the Antichrist/Beast power:

7:2…”Then shall there be peace for our land, when there shall arise in it seven shepherds and eight attacks of men; and they shall encircle Assur,” that is, Antichrist…

11:7. And the beast which ascends from the abyss. After many plagues completed in the world, in the end he says that a beast ascended from the abyss. But that he shall ascend from the abyss is proved by many testimonies; for he says in the thirty-first chapter of Ezekiel: Behold, Assur was a cypress in Mount Lebanon. Assur, deeply rooted, was a lofty and branching cypress— that is, a numerous people— in Mount Lebanon, in the kingdom of kingdoms, that is, of the Romans. (Victorinus. Commentary on the Apocalypse. Translated by Robert Ernest Wallis. From Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 7. Edited by Alexander Roberts, James Donaldson, and A. Cleveland Coxe. (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1886.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. <>)

Notice that Victorinus tied end time Assur (Assyria) in with representing the Beast and kingdom of the Romans during the time of Antichrist. This is somewhat consistent with prophecies in Isaiah 10:5-11, though his reference was Ezekiel 31:3-9.

It should also be noted that the Roman Catholic saint and doctor of that church, Jerome, realized that the Hebrew scriptures had future prophecies related to the King of Assyria, but that the Septuagint got them wrong. Notice the following from Jerome:

And first all, one should know that whatever is said of the king of the Assyrians in the future tense is recorded in the Septuagint as having been accomplished. (Jerome. Commentary on Ezekiel. Translated by Thomas P. Scheck. Newman Press, New York, 2017, p. 359)

So, while Greco-Roman Catholic writers have suggested a tie between Assyria and the final Beast power leader, those who rely on the Septuagint will be misled.

The connection between Assyria and the final Beast power leader that some Greco-Roman Catholic writers have noted seems to be consistent with biblical connections between Assyria/Asshur and the final King of the North.

Here is one of Nostradamus’ prophecies involving Germany and England:

Nostradamus (died 1566): Although nations talk peace, troubles brew everywhere.  Militaristic parties rise in Germany and pagan cults revive. Opinions are not free and the people are not enriched.  The heir to the London government is overthrown for having made too many peace protests. (Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 165)

So, the above is suggesting that an end-time Germanic power will rise up and eliminate the heir (probably king) of England. And that would seem to be consistent with biblical prophecy as well. Notice also the comment about opinions no longer being free. That is happening in many places as more and more censorship–particularly on the internet, is already taking place.

The last verse in Hosea (14:9) begins with:

9 Who is wise? Let him understand these things. Who is prudent? Let him know them.

Note that the word translated as “prudent” above is the same Hebrew word biyn that is in Daniel 11:33/35 as understanding. Since I believe that the Philadelphian portion of the Church is to have the wise and prudent, I believe that Hosea is giving more insight as to why it may be tied into Daniel 11.

Very few in the Church of God have tried to connect the prophecies of Hosea together. Most will not know when it is time to flee and when the Great Tribulation will begin until it is too late.

UPDATE 03/05/23: We just uploaded the following related video:


King Charles Setting Prophetic Stage?

Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III will be making his first international state visit from March 26-31, 2023 by going to France and Germany. Some believe this is intended to attempt to smooth over some relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Could there be any connection to the goals of the World Economic Forum? Could this visit possibly help set the stage for the UK (prophetic Ephraim) to fulfill certain prophecies related to Germany (prophetic Assyria) after the start of the Great Tribulation? Are there biblical prophecies that suggest that the United States of America and its British-descended allies may turn on each other? Did Nostradamus also seem to predict that as well as some events that now seem to be happening–such as opinions not being free? Is the USA prophesied to be destroyed by a European power? Is King Charles knowledgeable about any biblical prophecies concerning the British peoples being descendants of the Israelite tribe of Ephraim? Are the North American and British peoples prophesied to have a European king over them because they refuse to repent? What to prophecies by Hosea, Daniel, Amos, and Isaiah show? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel address these matters.

Here is a link to our video: King Charles Setting Prophetic Stage?

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