Might a Lawsuit Help Fulfill Daniel 9:27?

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Might a new lawsuit trigger the peace deal in Daniel 9:27?  Notice the following:

European-Israeli in Sderot Sues EU for Rocket Protection
Israel National News – Aug 9, 2009
A precedent-setting court suit has been filed with the European Union’s High Court, demanding that the EU provide protection to its citizens living in Israel.Just this morning (Sunday), Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired a Kassam rocket at Israel’s Negev region. The rocket landed near Kibbutz Alumim, causing no casualties or damage. It was the second attack of this nature in several weeks.Eyal Katorza, a resident of the Kassam-beleaguered city of Sderot and a European Union citizen of French nationality, filed the suit, at the initiative of the European Citizens Council in Israel, a nonprofit organization representing Israelis of EU nationalities.

Represented by attorneys Mordechai Tzivin, Nechama Tzivin, and Mordechai Eisenberg of Tel Aviv, Katorza demands that the EU carry out a series of measures, both passive and active, to ensure his safety as a EU citizen living within range of potentially lethal rockets. The suit was also filed with the European Union Commission with the help of a Belgian lawyer, a member of the Belgian Parliament.

The suit notes that Article 3.2 of the European Treaty stipulates that the EU shall “offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured.”  Article 3.5 of the same treaty states that the EU shall uphold and promote its values and interests and contribute to the protection of its citizens

In addition to the EU’s obligation to protect and provide security for its citizens even if they live abroad, the suit states, the European Union must specifically protect its citizens against terrorism. This is confirmed by a note of December 12, 2005 from the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator to the European Council on “The Implementation of the Action Plan to Combat Terrorism.”

EU Must Pay for Protection and Stop Money Transfers to Gaza

Specifically, the suit demands that the EU provide protection in the form of reinforced buildings and the like in areas adjacent to Hamas-run Gaza. The EU must also cease transferring monies to the Palestinian Authority government in Gaza, as well as to organizations that are likely, for lack of supervision, to use the money to fund terrorism.

“We plan to add to the claim any Israeli who holds a European passport and who lives within terrorist-rocket range,” said Attorney Tzivin. “There are about 300,000 European citizens living in Israel, and thousands of them are estimated to be living in range of terrorist rockets. The EU grants hundreds of millions of euros a year in aid to Gaza, and it is inconceivable that European citizens should be harmed by money supplied by the EU. It’s time that the EU takes responsibility.”

“The EU Commission must stop transferring money to Gaza,” Tzivin says, “and must reimburse its citizens for their reinforcement expenses – in fulfillment of its obligations to protect its citizens.” http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/132795

While this suit may simply be thrown out-of-court or somehow otherwise settled, a lawsuit raises the subject to a higher level for the EU to consider getting more involved in the peace process in the Middle East.

Some Israelis have publicly called for a deal similar to the one in Daniel 9:27 to be brokered by the EU.  And if the EU stops supplying money to Gaza, those living there may also want a deal brokered.

Here is what Daniel 9:26b-27 states:

26b And the people of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.
The end of it shall be with a flood, And till the end of the war desolations are determined.
27 Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate (Daniel 9:27).

Various religious commentators believe that this involves a deal with Israel that leads to problems.  Notice two:

Dan 9:27
Evidently the covenant is to be made between Antichrist and Israel when the Jews are back in their homeland in the last days. The exact nature of the covenant is unknown. The evil and destructive events described in the remainder of this verse should be interpreted as summary information…
(from The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Electronic Database. Copyright (c) 1962 by Moody Press).

…the covenant of Daniel 9:27 is not the covenant of grace…this refers to the coming world ruler at the beginning of the last seven years…He will make a covenant with Israel for a seven-year period. As Daniel 9:27 indicates, in the middle of the seven years he will break the covenant, stop the sacrifices offered…and become their persecutor instead of their protector (Walvoord JF. The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook. Victor Books/SP Publications, Wheaton (IL), 1990, p. 257).

Some have correctly pointed out that the deal is confirmed by the prince, someone ethnically part of the old Roman Empire (which in modern times would be the European Union). Notice one (bolding in the original):

Let us stay by what the passage says. C. F. Keil (Comm., in loco) is correct in asserting that the prince is said to be coming (habba’), because he has already been introduced and discussed in the prophecy of chapter 7 as the final Antichrist. The Romans who destroyed Jerusalem (A.D. 70) were his people because they and he belong to the fourth stage (the Roman) of world empire (chs. 2; 7) (Walvoord, p. 257).

Many have also tied the breaking of the deal with the invasion involving the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem as mentioned in Daniel 11:31.

There are many reasons to believe that a coming peace deal with Israel and the Europeans will lead to the beginning of the Great Tribulation (which starts 30 days after the deal is broken).

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