ICG’s Mark Armstrong Reports on Gaza

Last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported:

News from Gaza over the past two days has been absolutely stupefying.  Israel’s withdrawal from the territory, the bolstering of that ridiculous “coalition government,” the appeasement of one group of more moderate terrorists hoping to hold at bay the more radical terrorists, the whole thing has turned into a slow motion train wreck.  And it’s not over yet.  The way the U.S. and Israel have chosen to play the “diplomacy” game with these animalistic zealots has led to an entire region, Gaza, within what should have remained sovereign Israel, becoming an outpost for Iran and terrorists of every stripe.

What a stroke of genius it was to arm Abbas and his “fighters.”  A sizable percentage of Abbas’ military (cough, choke) force are open members of al Aqsa brigade, and have boasted responsibility for nearly all of the suicide bombings that have taken place in Israel over the past couple of years!  The U.S. and Israel determined that this bunch of rag-tag murderers should be armed with American vehicles, weapons and ammo, but not only that, they were also provided all manner of sensitive CIA intelligence on American operations throughout the Middle East to be held in a “Security” compound inside Gaza.  Obviously the compound wasn’t too secure.  And how could anything of value have been entrusted to these people?  

None of that matters now.  Gaza, the Abbas “government” has fallen to the more radical Hamas.  I’m sure you’ve seen and heard the stories of defeat and mayhem.  Palestinians killing Palestinians.  The more radical of the terrorists have prevailed over the “moderate” terrorists.  It’s just beyond comprehension that our Administration or our State Department or the Israeli government could have done business with any of them in the first place.  But the fallout, as the news has detailed, is unbelievable.

Actually, the part of the fallout he did not report is that it appears that the European Union may provide “peace-keeping troops” in that area. 

Notice the following from LCG:

Europe Moving Closer to the Holy Land. In a recent interview with the London daily The Times (May 18, 2007), King Abdullah of Jordan expressed frustration at the situation in Israel and the Palestian territories. He stated that “the only glimmer of hope was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel… ‘I have been extremely pleased here… If you are talking about Middle East issues, they are in good hands with the German leadership.’” Meanwhile, according to its Foreign Policy Chief, the EU would be willing to consider a military role in Gaza if asked to do so by the major players: Israel, the Palestinians, and Egypt. This comes as a reaction to a recent statement by the Israeli Prime Minister suggesting an international force could help stabilize the region (Associated Press, June 13, 2007). Germany’s prowess is growing on the world-stage. And that same stage appears to be being set for the future welcoming of a European force into the Holy Land—a force that the Bible indicates will play a major role in end-time world events in and around Jerusalem (Daniel 9:26-27; Revelation 17:12-18).

Furthermore, the situation there is getting very serious.  Notice what today’s news reports:

BBC – June 16, 2007

The gunmen reportedly tried to seize the Palestinian Legislative Council’s second deputy speaker, Hassan Khuraishah, but staff intervened.

Mr Khuraishah told the BBC he had been beaten up as he tried to prevent Fatah gunmen from raising their flag.  The clashes came after Fatah was ousted from Gaza by Hamas, ending a week of clashes which left more than 100 dead.

The Bible makes it clear that the “King of the North” will come into the “glorious land” (Daniel 11:31,41).

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