Mike Huckabee enters the race, but . . .

Mike Huckabee (photo by Gage Skidmore)


Former Baptist minister, Governor of Arkansas, and radio/television host Mike Huckabee has officially announced his candidacy for the US presidency:

May 5, 2015

Mike Huckabee launched his second run for the Republican presidential nomination by promising to take the nation “from hope to higher ground” and emphasizing his ability to work with Democrats while he was governor of Arkansas.

“I learned how to govern and I learned how to lead,” he said Tuesday at his announcement in Hope, Ark., the hometown he shares with former president Bill Clinton.

Huckabee’s wide-ranging, folksy speech included a call to replace all federal taxes with a sales tax, criticism of trade pacts that he said would undermine U.S. workers’ wages and a defense of Social Security, saying that Congress should “end their own … pensions,” rather than changing the national retirement system.

“Power and money and political influence have left a lot of Americans lagging behind,” he said,

Huckabee’s opposition to citizenship for illegal immigrants and to Common Core educational standards is in sync with the rest of the crowded Republican presidential field. …

Huckabee, 59, has better favorable ratings in national and statewide surveys than former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Rubio. He is also well-positioned with blue-collar voters, senior citizens and conservatives as well as the evangelical voters who helped fuel his 2008 Iowa victory.​  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2015/05/05/mike-huckabee-presidential-race-announcement/22317637/

Mike Huckabee ran for president back in the 2008 election.  Notice also the following:

May 5, 2015

In September of 2007, Bill Clinton, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” said that among the Republican candidates for president, there was only one “dark horse that’s got any kind of chance” against his then-senator wife Hillary Clinton.

Of the same “dark horse,” Clinton adviser James Carville said, “He likes people, he knows how to relate to people. He can talk the talk. I’m impressed with this guy’s political skills.”

“This guy” was Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor well-known to the Clintons but a little-known former Baptist minister to everyone else. He decided he wasn’t scared of John McCain or Mitt Romney, the party’s two frontrunners. He wanted to run for President anyway.

And his performance that year is likely a big reason why Huckabee thinks he may have a shot at the nomination this go round.

In 2008, he won the Iowa caucuses and on Super Tuesday won an additional six states. He finished second in the South Carolina primary and third in the New Hampshire and Michigan primaries. …

Huckabee’s positions won’t win everyone over, that’s certain. But if voters are truly ready for a “new tone,” as they perennially say they are, they’d be hard pressed to find a more promising candidate. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/s-e-cupp-mike-huckabee-article-1.2211156

Here is one listing  about some of Mike Huckabee’s political positions:


Mike Huckabee is strongly opposed to abortion, including in cases of rape or incest. He has stated that abortion should be legal only when the life of the mother is at risk. He believes that it would “most certainly” be a good day for America if Roe v. Wade were repealed.

Health care

Huckabee opposed Obama’s health care plan, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He stated that he wants to “give citizens more control over their own health care choices.”

Free Trade

In his book From Hope to Higher Ground, Huckabee expressed support for free trade, but only if it is “fair trade”. He identified excess litigation, excess taxation, and excess regulation as three factors contributing to the loss of American jobs, and has proposed economic sanctions on China.

Gay Marriage

Huckabee has voiced opposition to both same-sex marriage and civil unions. He says that Americans should respect gay couples, but no gay adoptions should take place. He signed legislation outlawing same-sex marriage in Arkansas.

Teaching of Evolution

Huckabee has voiced his support of intelligent design and he has stated that he does not accept the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution. He was quoted in July 2004 on Arkansans Ask, his regular show on the Arkansas Educational Television Network: “I think that students also should be given exposure to the theories not only of evolution but to the basis of those who believe in creationism.”


In 2007 Mike Huckabee argued for a larger military and an increase in defense spending, writing “Right now, we spend about 3.9 percent of our GDP on defense, compared with about six percent in 1986, under President Ronald Reagan. We need to return to that six percent level.”


During his bid for president, Huckabee released a comprehensive nine-point immigration enforcement and border security plan. His plan includes building a border fence, increased border patrol personnel, and increases in visas for skilled workers who enter the country legally. He has previously stated he is opposed to using military resources for border patrol.Huckabee’s plan would also require all 11-12 millionillegal immigrants to register with the federal government and return to their home countries within 120 days. Failure to do so would carry a 10-year ban from entering the US.

Gun control

Huckabee has voiced his support for self-defense and the Castle Doctrine, and has generally taken an anti-gun control stance. He believes that the concealed carrying of weapons should be allowed. He has said that whenever he hears people start talking about hunting when referring to the Second Amendment, he realizes they do not know what they are talking about, because the Second Amendment was to allow an armed citizenry the opportunity to protect themselves in case a tyrannical government ever came into power. (Mike Huckabee, Wikipedia, accessed 05/05/15)

Certainly, I agree that abortion is wrong and should not be legal nor that homosexual marriage should be legal.  I also agree that Darwinism as generally understood is wrong (see also Is Evolution Probable or Impossible or Is God’s Existence Logical?).

But that being said, I do not believe that Mike Huckabee is the real answer for the USA.  The USA needs national repentance and the return of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

I also have severe doubts that the mainstream media would stand for Mike Huckabee’s election.  Expressions like ‘too extreme,’ ‘out-of-touch,’ ‘anti-woman,’ and accusing hints of racism may be used against him and more. Because of his radio and television presence, the media will likely be able to find a lot of quotes from Mike Huckabee to attempt to exploit.  On the other hand, ever since he got his own television show on Fox years ago, I believed that Mike Huckabee was using this to build his popularity to run for the presidency–and because of that, he may have been careful on many statements–but even so, I still believe the mainstream media will find many comments he has made offensive to their agendas.

That being said, if Mike Huckabee were to win the Republican nomination and potentially face Hillary Clinton, there would be major differences between their platforms and goals for the USA.

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