Russia is Preparing for WWIII

Dmitry     Anatolyevich Medvedev
Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev


Russia is preparing to fight another world war:

Preparing for World War III

Moscow Times – May 12, 2010   excerpt…

President Dmitry Medvedev made a number of very important statements in an interview with Izvestia published on Friday — the most notable of which was his statement that another war on the scale of World War II is possible in the future.

The president thus proved that he continues to be influenced by Russia’s most conservative generals, who insist that the country should be prepared for a Soviet-style mass mobilization to fight the next world war.

…The military top brass received a huge boost from Medvedev after their commander-in-chief hinted in the Izvestia interview that Russia may very well have to prepare for another world war. This may give the die-hard defenders of the mass-mobilization army a new lease on life and boost their efforts to derail Serdyukov’s reforms once and for all.

Medvedev: World War Possible
Newsmax – May 10, 2010
Russian President Dmitri Medvedev warns that the possibility of another world war is real and says Russia “must be ready for this.”…
He was asked about the possibility of a new military conflict “similar to World War II in scale.”
“After all, accidents will happen. So we must be prepared. We must be ready for this. We must be strong.” 

I have regularly reported about Russia’s intentions to strengthen and expands its military might.

And while another world war is expected, the USA tends to act like it never will.  As the USA takes more and more steps to reduce its military, this means that other nations will become stronger relative to it.

And while Russia is not prophesied to take over the USA, it is prophesied to ultimately invade Europe.  And it, along with China and others, is trying to strengthen its military.  Russia will fulfill its role in Bible prophecy.

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