Scott Walker enters the race; Hillary Clinton attacks.

Scott Walker (Photo by Michael Vadon)


The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has officially announced his candidacy for the US presidency:

July 13, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined the crowded field seeking the Republican Party’s 2016 U.S. presidential nomination on Monday, saying he is in the race to “fight and win for the American people.”

The 47-year-old Walker is the 15th candidate in the Republican contest.

Political surveys show him among the top Republicans seeking the nomination, with some of his biggest support in Wisconsin’s neighboring state of Iowa, which holds the country’s first nominating caucus next February.

The deeply conservative Walker has not run for national office before, but gained prominence in Republican circles by winning three statewide elections since 2010 in a state that has voted for Democratic presidential candidates over Republicans in the past seven national elections, dating to 1984.

A collection of national surveys about the Republican presidential campaign currently shows him trailing only former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the son and brother of two U.S. presidents.

But the field is so splintered no candidate has emerged as a frontrunner.

Survived recall vote

In 2012, Walker became the first U.S. governor to survive a recall election, a vote spawned by Walker’s determined efforts to weaken public-sector unions in the state.

Because of his staunch Republican following, and adamant Democratic opposition, some U.S. political analysts call him America’s most polarizing governor.

In a campaign video, Walker points to his political victories as a credential for his presidential campaign.

“We did it by leading,” Walker says in the video. “Now, we need to do the same thing for America. It’s not too late. We can make our country great again.”

July 13, 2015

Following in the footsteps of 14 Republican candidates who came before him, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker entered the presidential race Monday promising fresh leadership, reform, economic growth and safety for the American people.

“My record shows that I know how to fight and win. Now, more than ever, America needs a president who will fight and win for America,” Walker said.

The proclamation followed a list of his accomplishments as governor of Wisconsin: lowering taxes, passing lawsuit and regulatory reform, passing pro-life legislation and implementing voter ID laws in the state. All that followed on what he likely sees as the most important accomplishment, the one that fight that catapulted him into national prominence: “We took on the unions and we won,” he said.

Many in the Republican party like him.  However, he is entering a very crowded field. FOX is planning on a debate between the top ten candidates per some poll next month and we will see in Scott Walker will keep enough attention and support to be part of that debate.  Now, in the past couple of weeks, Donald Trump has probably gotten the most media attention, followed by Jeb Bush.  Both of whom are polling high amongst the Republican presidential hopefuls.

According to something I heard on CNN today, is that Scott Walker is a ‘top tier’ candidate and is ‘leading in the polls in Iowa.’  So, there is a reasonable chance he will be able to qualify to be in that first debate on FOX.

Hillary Clinton made comments about him today:

July 13, 2015

Clinton went after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — who just entered the presidential race today — for his “mean-spirited, misguided attacks” against workers.

“Republican governors like Scott Walker have made their names by stomping on workers’ rights,” she said.

I will simply add that various ones have suggested that Hillary Clinton is ‘mean-spirited’ and her views on the LBGT agenda are truly misguided.

As far as Scott Walker goes, here is a listing of some of his political positions:

Domestic partner registry defense

On May 13, 2011, the Walker administration petitioned the Dane County Circuit Court for permission to withdraw the state as a defendant from Appling v. Doyle, which was a challenge to the state’s domestic partner registry.

Rejection of health care funds

In January 2012, Walker returned a $37.6 million federal grant meant to set up a health exchange in Wisconsin for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Walker said “Stopping the encroachment of Obamacare in our state, which has the potential to have a devastating impact on Wisconsin’s economy, is a top priority.”


Walker signed the 2011 state budget that de-funded Planned Parenthood.

In 2013, Walker signed a bill that requires women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound and doctors to show the women the image of the fetus.

Right to work

In 2012 Walker told reporters at the state Republican Party convention that right-to-work legislation “It’s not going to get to my desk … I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it isn’t there because my focal point (is) private sector unions have overwhelmingly come to the table to be my partner in economic development.”[155] While campaigning for re-election in 2014, Walker again said he had no plans to pursue right-to-work legislation focused on private unions.

Climate change

Walker signed a “no climate tax” pledge promising not to support any legislation that would raise taxes to combat climate change and has been a keynote speaker at the Heartland Institute.

Same sex marriage

Walker voted for Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, both as a legislator and as a voter. In September 2014, Walker said he was defending the amendment. When the U.S. Supreme Court subsequently rejected the appeals of five states, including Wisconsin, in October 2014, allowing same-sex marriages to continue, Walker stated: “I think it’s resolved.”  In April, 2015, in New Hampshire Walker said marriage is “defined as between a man and a woman”,and in Iowa said a federal constitutional amendment allowing states to define marriage was reasonable. Walker called the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26, 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide a “grave mistake”.


Walker opposes recreational cannabis legalization. He believes it to be a gateway drug.


The National Rifle Association gave Walker a 100% ranking in 2014.


Regarding illegal immigration, Walker has stated that securing the United States border with Mexico is “our first priority”. After that, undocumented immigrants in the United States could “secure their citizenship” but would have to “get in the back of line”, i.e. wait in the same way others already in line have been waiting for permanent residency visas, the precursor to naturalization. (Scott Walker, Wikipedia, accessed 07/13/15)

Certainly, I agree that abortion is wrong and should not be legal nor that homosexual marriage should not have been approved by the US Supreme Court.

But that being said, I do not believe that Scott Walker is the real answer for the USA. The USA needs national repentance and the return of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

That being said, if Scott Walker were to win the Republican nomination and potentially face Hillary Clinton, there would be major differences between their platforms and goals for the USA.

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