Thailand: Iranians Were Targeting Israelis

Tribal Girls in Thailand


Certain Iranians were reportedly targeting Israelis according to a leader in Thailand:

16 February 2012

BANGKOK– Three Iranians detained after accidentally setting off explosives in Bangkok were planning to attack Israeli diplomats, Thailand’s top policeman said Thursday in the first confirmation by local officials that the group was plotting attacks in Thailand.

The allegation came after days of strong accusations by Israel that Iran was behind the botched plot as well as two others in India and the former Soviet republic of Georgia this week. Iran has denied the charges.

Citing the similarity of bombs used in New Delhi and Tbilisi, national police chief Gen. Prewpan Dhamapong said that Thai authorities now “know for certain that (the target) was Israeli diplomats.”

As regular readers of the COGwriter news page are aware, I have been warning for some time that a regional war involving Iran and Israel seems likely, and Israel will likely consider the above as further justification for an attack (although it is widely rumored that Israel assassinated one or more Iranian officials/scientists recently, so some may find that type of justification to be hypocritical).

Iran was in the news for its claims of nuclear advancement:

16 February 2012

JERUSALEM –  Israel’s defense minister said Thursday that Iran’s latest claim of dramatic advancements in its nuclear program is exaggerated, but that Tehran’s nuclear pursuits remain a threat…Israel considers a nuclear-armed Iran to be a threat to its very existence, citing Ahmadinejad’s repeated calls for Israel’s destruction and Iran’s support for anti-Israel militant groups.

15 February 2012


In defiant swipes at its foes, Iran said Wednesday it is dramatically closer to mastering the production of nuclear fuel even as the U.S. weighs tougher pressures and Tehran’s suspected shadow war with Israel brings probes far beyond the Middle East.

While many think that Iran has exaggerated its nuclear progress, more and more believe that Israel will attack Iran.

ABC Online 16 February 2012

Israelis prepare for war with Iran

Salon – 16 February 2012

Drums of war beat louder as Israel steps up rhetoric against Iran

Middle East Online – 16 February 2012

Any regional war involving Israel would also likely involve allies of Iran such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and/or Syria.  Syria seems to be in a near civil war:

Much of northern Syria in ‘open revolt’ CNN – 16 February 2012

By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) — Syrian security forces resumed their fierce shelling of opposition targets in Homs Thursday but appeared to be losing their tight grip in the northern region, CNN journalists said.

If Israel attacks Iran (or even if it does not strike first), Syria may decide that the best way to control its own internal problems it to divert attention away from the Assad regime and instead to a war against Israel–though Syria might not do well (cf. Isaiah 17:1).

The situation in the Middle East is tense. Since Iran, however, is NOT really south of Jerusalem, we in the Living Church of God do not believe that it will be the final King of the South of Bible prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:4-43). Because of that, I have tended to believe that Iran may somehow get “neutralized” before this final king rises up. A serious attack by Israel may neutralize Iran and neutralize much of its influence.

It may take a regional war for the seven-year confirmation of the apparent peace deal in Daniel 9:27 to come about.

We will watch and see (Mark 13:37).

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