Iran May Test Nuclear Bomb in 2010

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Iran


Although the CIA recently indicated that Iran would not have “the bomb” until 2012 (see ), it now is being reported that Iran may be even further along in its development of nuclear weapons:

US and Israel fear Iran may be capable of a nuclear test this year
DEBKA – July 19, 2010
as of now, their forecast of a nuclear test capability has been brought forward to within the five months remaining of 2010.

Iran announced plans to unveil its own submarine as early as August of 2010 according to another news report today (  Submarines give Iran additional places to hide, and possibly deploy, nuclear weapons.

These developments make it more likely that the State of Israel will attack Iran.

Since Iran is NOT going to be the leader of the final King of the South, something is likely to happen (an attack from Israel/USA and/or civil unrest/revolution are two possibilities) to stop Iran from getting enough power to lead the final Islamic confederation.

As Iran’s goal seems to be to cause enough conflict to cause the fulfillment one or more Shi’ite prophecies (see Forbes: Iran Preparing for War and the Mahdi), it is likely to be in the news for a while as it does not seem to care very much if it provokes a major attack.

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