UCG and the Kings of the North and South

In the latest edition of UCG’s World News & Prophecy, its Cecil E. Maranville concluded an article on China with:

Two sets of biblical prophecies help us anticipate what will happen: (1) Those that say modern-day Israel would shrink from its dominance of world affairs and (2) those that foretell an alliance of nations south of Jerusalem will provoke a major war with another alliance located north of Jerusalem.

In the first set of prophecies, modern Israel includes the United States, Great Britain and members of its commonwealth, as well as the state of Israel. As shocking as it seems today, American military, political and economic power will indeed cease to lead the world.

The second set of prophecies springs from Daniel and Revelation; they are summarized in Daniel 11:40-45. These verses tell of a “king of the South” doing something so provocative to a “king of the North” that he reacts by taking over the region of Palestine. On the basis of what we can observe today, we anticipate that the king of the South will be an alliance of Muslim nations from northern Africa through the Middle East and that the king of the North will be a core of European nations, smaller than the present EU configuration.

And while the above says pretty much nothing about China (though other parts of the article do) it does give insight into what UCG believes about the King of the North and the King of the South.

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