Joel Osteen Comes Out Against Pork


Joel Osteen is one of the most popular Protestant ministers in the world.  He and his wife have a huge following, both on television and in print.

And while I do not agree with much of his theology, a few years he decided that he should not eat pork or shellfish.

He took a bold step by  telling people not to eat those biblically unclean animals and only to eat biblically clean ones.

There is an abbreviated YouTube where he says that:

And while Joel Osteen and I do not agree on a lot of doctrine, I thought that this was a bold and courageous step for him to take. Teaching this may cost him followers.  But it is true.

To learn more about clean and unclean meats, please study the following article:

The New Testament Church and Unclean Meats Are foods considered to have been unclean in the Old Testament considered to be food in the New Testament? This article discusses this from the perspective of the New Testament. It also has a list of clean and unclean animals. It also answers the question, is pork healthy or is pork dangerous?

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