Armadillo Eating a Factor in Leprosy

Nine-banded Armadillo


Notice what seems to be causing leprosy in the American South:

Eating armadillos blamed for leprosy in the South
Disease likely spreads when people handle, eat the animals, which carry bacteria for disfiguring disease
Associated Press

With some genetic sleuthing, scientists have fingered a likely culprit in the spread of leprosy in the southern United States: the nine-banded armadillo.DNA tests show a match in the leprosy strain between some patients and these prehistoric-looking critters — a connection scientists had suspected but until now couldn’t pin down.

It is not just armadillos that are problems.  Unclean animals, specifically pigs, have been called “flu factories” (see Pigs are Flu Factories).

Relatively soon, serious pestilences are prophesied as we are prophetically at/near the point Jesus called “the beginning of sorrows”–which includes pestilences (Matthew 24:7-8). Whether or how biblically unclean animals may be involved is not mentioned in scripture.

If humans quit eating unclean animals, various health problems would probably go away. But since many still do, it is possible that they may a role in fulfilling aspects of end-time Bible prophecy.

FWIW, there is no scripture in the Bible that shows that any one called of God in either the Old or New Testaments ever ate any unclean animal. Some may be surprised to hear that.

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