Arctic Dwellers Get ‘Tropical Diseases’ From Unclean Meats


It appears that certain Arctic animals pass on ‘tropical diseases’ to those who eat them:

The kind of worm and protozoan infections that are often called neglected “tropical” diseases are also common among aboriginal peoples living in the Arctic, according to a recent survey.

Outbreaks of trichinosis, a larval-worm disease commonly associated with eating undercooked pork and carnivorous wild game, also occur among people who eat infected polar bear and walrus meat, and the Arctic harbors a unique species of the worm that can survive subzero temperatures…

The survey was published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases by Dr. Peter J. Hotez, who edits the online journal.

Most have been aware of the diseases that unclean animals such as pigs can carry, but less seem to be aware that other animals that were not listed as being edible for humans in the Bible also can carry diseases.

And while clean animals can also get diseases, they tend to be more resistant and less likely to pass them to humans. (Inhumanely raised clean animals tend to have much more of that type of problem than properly raised ones.)

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