Fatal Pork Born Virus in the United Kingdom


Swine flu again? Not exactly, but notice the following:

Virus warning over undercooked pork after three die

Britons were warned not to eat undercooked pork after three people died from a rare virus.

At least 55 others were made ill from it.

Of course, since we in the Living Church of God do not eat pork, we are less likely than pork eaters to be affected by diseases in it.  However, once people get infections, they can often pass them on to others.

The Bible warns of pestilences in the end times (Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11).  It is possible that a pork-transmitted illness might be one of them.

If humans quit eating pigs, they would not be subject to getting the many diseases that pigs can pass on. But since many still do, it is possible that something may happen with this.

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