Moscow Patriarchate pleased Putin to meet Vatican, while Vatican works many sides for its ecumenical plans

Patriarchate of Moscow


The Russian Orthodox are supportive of Russia’s President meeting with Pope Francis and working closer together:

The Moscow Patriarchate expects Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican to give an additional impetus to relations between Orthodox people and Catholics.
“We would like to hope that President Putin’s meeting with the Pope will help strengthen relations between Russia and the Vatican, as well as relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church,” a spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations said.
It will be a meeting of the leaders of two states, the spokesman said, adding that the two churches have been working directly to tackle many religious issues.
The Russian president and the pontiff are expected to meet during Putin’s visit to the Vatican on November 25.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is perhaps the most powerful secular nation leader to have spoken out against the rise of homosexual ‘marriage’ and similar abominations (see Russia’s Putin blasts West on Syria and Western media disapproves of his position on homosexuality) and has been praised by the Vatican (see Vatican credits Russia’s Putin for ‘defending Christianity’ and confirms a meeting).

In the meantime, the Vatican has been busily working with many on its ecumenical agenda.  Notice the following:

Church leaders of independent Catholic communities from Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe have spent the last week in Rome with Pope Francis and Vatican officials discussing the lives of their Church including a subject of high importance to the Pope – the operation of their self-governing synods.
The Vatican says this meeting is an “opportunity” for the patriarchs and archbishops of Eastern Rite communities to present to the pope the situation of their Churches.
However, the November 19-22 meeting may also be another step for Pope Francis in re-shaping the way the Roman Catholic Church operates and decentralizing the Church government, adopting synod-based administrative systems of these churches.
The gathering follows Pope Francis’ suggestion that the universal Church should learn from Eastern and Orthodox Churches’ synodal approach to governance and decision-making when he and the Patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul) Bartholomew met after he became Pope in March. The Patriarch was the first in 600 years to attend a Papal installation.

It is my view that the Vatican will offer an arrangement similar to that which it and the Eastern Orthodox churches had prior to the ‘great schism” in 1054 A.D.  Prior to that date, the Eastern Orthodox view was that the Bishop of Rome (the pope) had a certain primacy, but not true supremacy within the Greco-Roman churches.  And that is basically the Eastern Orthodox view today.

When I went to the offices of Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople before (the ‘first among equals’ as far as Eastern Orthodox patriarchs go), the impression I was left with–after personally spending time with one of his representatives–was that the Eastern Orthodox were definitely interested in ecumenical unity–but it was really only Rome’s governmental stance that was the issue.

It would seem that Rome will make offers for unity without the insistence of massive papal supremacy.  This will help lead to the coming ecumenical unity that the Bible warns about in Revelation 13:1-8.  And while there will be various negotiations now about governance and the pope, the reality is that when the final Antichrist (the false prophet who performs the signs and wonders referred to in Revelation 13:11-15) rises up, various people, Orthodox or not, will accept him and his then claimed authority, as well as that of the final Beast power that he will promote.

While I do believe that the Russian Orthodox will eventually break away from the coming ecumenical religion, I also believe that it will cooperate and support it for a time based upon passages in the Bible (e.g. Revelation 13:4,8).

The upcoming meeting between Russia’s President Putin and Pope Francis is one more step in that direction.

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