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Today, GCI (formerly called WCG) sent the following out from its leader, Joseph Tkach:

It won’t be long before election campaigning will get under way again for senate seats, governorships, and other elected offices, as well as for new laws and taxes. Viewpoints will vary widely and both sides one any given issue or candidate will try to bury its opponents in rhetoric, half-truths, innuendo and often blatant accusations.

What is a Christian to do on Election Day, when he or she wants to reflect Christ in every aspect of their lives? Christians and politics — it’s been thorny relationship throughout history. One thing we know: God does not have a “favorite” political party nor some “divinely chosen” candidate out there somewhere.

The truth is, none of the political parties or candidates is going to solve all the national, state or local problems they promise they’re going to solve. Nor are any of us voters going to solve them by voting for the perfect candidate, because there is no perfect candidate.

At election time, our job is simply to become as knowledgeable about the issues and candidates as we can and then vote as wisely as we can. And when it’s over, regardless of who wins, our job is to pray that the winners will promote peace, justice and freedom.

It’s such a blessing to have the right to vote. But it has little value unless we exercise it. The Bible teaches us to be responsible citizens, and in our democracies, part of being a responsible citizen is to exercise our right to vote. The right to vote goes hand in hand with freedom, as well as helps ensure another cherished right, our right to worship as we see fit.

So we vote as wisely and we can and hope for the best.

While the old WCG was opposed to voting, and faithful COGs like LCG remain opposed to voting in worldly elections, voting is another way that GCI is now like most of the world’s churches.

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