Barack Obama May Win

Barack Obama
Barack Obama


Last night, I watched much of the debate between US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.  Interestingly, neither candidate mentioned their vice-presidential running mates (Sarah Palin and Joseph Biden).

Our son Michael and I had the same basic conclusion: both candidates will continue to lead the USA in the wrong direction, though one may lead it faster down the wrong direction than the other one would.  But even that is difficult to say with certainty.

Rarely did any of the candidates address the real issues facing the USA.  Briefly, there was no discussion of national sins, nor the need for national repentance (the Bible specifically promises blessings for obedience and cursings for disobediance, see Deuteronomy 28).  Neither candidate truly seemed to look to God the Father or His Son Jesus the Christ to help save this nation.

Furthermore, it astounded me how much both men thought they would essentially solve the energy, health care, and budget problems.  While some of their proposals may help, they BOTH gave the impression that they would actually be able to solve these if they became US president.

As one who has studied economics at both the undergraduate and graduate level, it seemed clear to me that neither candidate had a plan to get the USA out of debt that could work.

Since Barack Obama was leading in the polls prior to that debate and because there was no “clear victory” for John McCain (Republicans tended to think he won, while Democrats tended to think that Barack Obama won), it appears likely that Barack Obama may win.

When talking with a European on an airplane while flying to Europe in May 2008, he asked me who I thought would win.  When I said Barack Obama, he was quite surprised.  While Europeans tend to prefer Barack Obama, they also tend to feel that the US voters would more likely support John McCain.

Currently it looks like Barack Obama and Joseph Biden may win.  But whichever team wins, they will be leading a nation in decline.  A nation that probably will not survive past the next decade.

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