Prophecy About Barack Obama’s “Conversion”


A reader forwarded me a story that essentially some believe that USA President Obama will be converted by God.  One named Kim Clement allegedly prophesied the following in Memphis, Tennessee on October 26, 2009:

“For there has been a scheme and a plan against the President of this nation, to suffocate him.” God says, “The enemy has planned in 2010 to bring shame to the first African President. So that they will say, ‘Never again shall an African American be the President of the United States.’ This will not happen,” says the Lord. This will not happen. This will not happen.

“There shall come a change in the early part of 2010 and many will say, ‘Look, things are not quite as bad as what it seemed,’ and those who have murmured and those who have spoken evil, those who have spread words out to bring shame to this race will not be satisfied.”…

God says, Your President shall have a great conversion in 2010 which will bring about changes to this nation and because I have spoken.

Your prayers and your praise shall bring about a change in the atmosphere; your praise and your shouts bring about a change, for you don’t understand the significance of these sounds. I’m not listening to the journalists or the prognosticators. I’m not listening to CBS or NBC or ABC or FOX.” God says, “I’m not listening!…

God says, “I will honor the prayer in the Easter of 2010. I will break the cycle.

“For they have predicted another one shall die in office. It shall not be so. For this President shall leave this office bringing honor to the African American people.”  Source:

Now, while it is always possible that the USA President could convert, I absolutely do not accept the aforementioned “prophecy” as true for many reasons.  So, once again I will go on record and state in advance that I do not believe that the one who made this claim is God’s prophet.

Perhaps I should also mention that Barack Obama already claims to be a “Christian” of the Greco-Roman sort and that he already was “converted”.

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