Violence and coup attempt in Venezuela

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The situation in Venezuela has turned violent:

April 30, 2019

Venezuela’s socialist government said Tuesday that an “attempted coup” was underway in Caracas as Juan Guaido, the country’s opposition leader and self-declared interim president, took to the streets with military troops he said had joined his effort to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.

The U.S.-supported Guaido said, “Today brave soldiers, brave patriots, brave men supporting the constitution have answered our call.”

But the government’s communications minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said on Twitter, “We are currently facing and deactivating a small group of treacherous military personnel who took positions” near a military base “to promote a coup d’etat. We call on the people to remain on maximum alert to — with our glorious National Bolivarian Armed Forces — defeat the attempted coup and preserve peace.”

Maduro loyalists fired tear gas at demonstrators outside a military base. But television footage showed soldiers and Guaido supporters at the largely empty base milling about without urgency.

Guaido appeared alongside opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez who had been put under house arrest by Maduro but said he had been “freed” by soldiers supporting Guaido.

Lopez posted a picture of men in uniform on Twitter, with the message, “Venezuela: the definitive phase to end the usurpation, Operation Liberty, has begun.”

But Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez asserted on Twitter that the situation in the military barracks and bases in the country was “normal” and that the military was “firmly in defense” of Maduro.

Despite widespread food and medical shortages and a failing economy in Venezuela, the socialist Maduro regime has clung to power with the support of most of the country’s military. Venezuela’s two biggest creditors, Russia and China, also have continued to support Maduro.

Meanwhile, the U.S., one of about 50 countries that has recognized Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader, has imposed sanctions on Caracas in an effort to curb its international oil sales.

In the U.S. Tuesday, the White House said President Donald Trump “has been briefed and we are monitoring the ongoing situation.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Today interim President Juan Guaido announced start of Operación Libertad. The U.S. Government fully supports the Venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy. Democracy cannot be defeated.”

National security adviser John Bolton said the Venezuela military “must protect the Constitution and the Venezuelan people. It should stand by the National Assembly and the legitimate institutions against the usurpation of democracy. The United States stands with the people of Venezuela.”

Colombia President Ivan Duque called on Twitter for “soldiers and the people of Venezuela to place themselves on the right side of history, rejecting dictatorship and Maduro’s usurpation.”

But Spain, which also recognizes Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, said it did not support a military coup. Madrid said, “We … have no doubt that the solution for Venezuela has to come hand in hand with elections. Spain does not support any military coup.”

Guaido heads Venezuela’s National Assembly. He invoked the constitution to declare himself interim president in January after calling Maduro’s leadership illegitimate because of election fraud.

April 30, 2019

12:10 p.m.

Russia’s foreign ministry has called on “the radical opposition” in Venezuela to stand down and “refrain from violence.”

The ministry has issued a statement saying “It is important to avoid unrest and bloodshed” and saying Venezuela’s problems “should be resolved through a responsible process of negotiation without preconditions.”

It also calls on the opposition to avoid “destructive interference from abroad.”

Russia is a key ally of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and is one of his government’s main weapons suppliers.

April 30, 2019

Venezuelan opposition diplomat Carlos Vecchio said today’s actions were only the beginning.

An attempted coup is underway to remove President Nicolás Maduro.

“This is only the beginning,” he told reporters. “This is an operation that is developing right now. We will see more events in the hours and the days to come.”

Vecchio said today’s actions were not as a result of military coup.

“This is a constitutional process led by the Venezuelan people under the leadership of a civilian — the interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaido,” he said. “He’s calling for the restoration of our Constitution and of course, the restoration of our Democratic system.”

The situation in Venezuela has became violent. It may take some time to see what is really the result of the actions today.

Over the past few years, millions have left Venezuela for other countries.

It has been difficult for those in Venezuela and those who escaped it.

Venezuela, itself, may have the greatest amount of oil reserves of any country. And even if it is only second or third, it has enough reserves from a physical perspective to solve many of its economic problems if it would take another look at its policies and correct many of them.

Actually, that is one reason that Russia and China have tended to stand by Nicholas Maduro. And Russia has lots of experience with oil production and does have the ability to assist Venezuela with its oil production and oil exports.

As I have written before, ultimately, I believe that Venezuela will change and some of those who left it will return.

Venezuela, also, will likely have some prosperity with trade from the rising Babylonian Beast power, but that will be temporal.

Venezuela, like the rest of the world, needs repentance and the Kingdom of God.

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