CG7 in India? Indians Need to be Warned

Rebuilt Gymnasium in Sardis


CG7-Denver has announced in its Sep-Oct 2010 Bible Advocate magazine that it is trying to affiliate with another 250 congregations in India:

With more than 250 congregations spread over the states of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Mizoram, West  Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, we have been striving since the formation of the Association of the Churches of God (Seventh Day) in India (February 2001) to bring unity among the brethren here. Supported by a team of dedicated servants like Elders George Hnamte, P. Kennedy, T. V. Rao, and other ordained ministers and evangelists, we have taken the initiative to preach the gospel of Christ to millions of souls and bring people to receive the Creator’s blessings — in part, by honoring Sabbath.

Those in India would do well by checking out what CG7-Denver teaches and comparing it to the Bible.

No doubt Sabbathkeepers in India have faced economic and social pressures to not fully observe the Sabbath.  They would do well to realize that in the same edition of the Bible Advocate magazine, CG7 is allowing deacons and others to violate the Sabbath (for some details, please also see CG7 Allows Working on the Sabbath!).

Sabbathkeepers in India should be very careful about affiliating with a group that holds such compromising views on the Sabbath and other matters (CG7 has greatly discounted prophecy in articles in the past year and likely does not have the same view that most Sabbathkeepers in India hold to).

Indians need to be warned about considering affiliating with CG7 for many reasons.

Indians who wish to follow the true faith of the Bible should consider checking out the Living Church of God and seeing what it teaches compared to the Bible and CG7.  LCG already has members in India and is open to those who wish to follow biblical teachings.

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