CG7 Gets Complaints About Sabbath Position

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In the Nov-December 2010 issue of its Bible Advocate magazine, CG7-Denver is now reporting it got many complaints on its Sabbath article I covered a while back (see CG7 Allows Working on the Sabbath!).  Here are some comments about that from its former president, Calvin Burrell:

Mail regarding the issue of Sabbath work to meet basic needs (September-October, p. 7) is running about six-to-one against the answer proposed. For those who took it as an attack on Sabbath sanctity (I did not), your reproofs have been read with humility; several are published (pp. 22-24). I regret that the first line of the question and the first words of my note sent mixed signals about the Church’s position, which remains unchanged.

I thought this would cause CG7 problems.  And just like UCG, CG7 has decided to try to readdress the matter.

The fact that the letters about the article were only 6:1 against shows that there is a spirit of excessive compromise still in CG7.  I read over the published letters in that issue and while some see the problems in CG7, others do not.  I perhaps should also add that even though Elder Burrell says CG7’s position remains unchanged, he never did say what that position is.  That is disappointing.

Those in CG7-Denver really need to examine what church they really should be part of.

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