Next EU President a Eurosceptic

Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic


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Eurosceptic becomes EU President

BBC – Dec 27, 2008

When you are head of state of the country about to hold the EU presidency, you might normally be looking forward to a taste of the international limelight, and a busier, more prestigious schedule than usual.

But Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, may be relishing his country’s assumption of EU leadership in January for very different reasons – as an opportunity to publicise views which other EU leaders will not enjoy hearing.

For Mr Klaus, a steely, bespectacled economist who came to sudden prominence after the Czechoslovak revolution against communism, is a vehement Eurosceptic. He believes the EU has echoes of the old Soviet bloc he used to live under.

And he is also an enthusiastic challenger of European and international policy on everything from climate change to relations with Russia.

Constant dissidence

Mr Klaus gave a foretaste of what the EU can expect on an official visit to Ireland in November. Upsetting his Irish hosts, he ostentatiously visited Declan Ganley, leader of the successful Irish No campaign against ratification of the EU’s Lisbon reform treaty.

Klaus compared Ganley and his supporters to dissidents in the old communist bloc – which angered many former Czech dissidents who suffered persecution and imprisonment for their views.

But Mr Klaus likes to think of his life as a kind of constant dissidence against what he sees as the erroneous views of the majority…

So during the coming months he will brood in his residence in the castle high above Prague, refusing to fly the EU flag, while, his critics hope, the Czech government is left to enjoy its time of European prominence in the city below.

But Vaclav Klaus is unlikely to let the opportunity pass to snipe at what he once called “business class Eurocrats” lording it over “economy class Slavs”, as this most combative of Czechs condemns the error of Europe’s ways.

We in the Living Church of God have long held that while Europe would unite, but have also held that its unity would be fragile.

For example, in its latest weekly update, LCG made the following statements:

The Iron and Clay of Europe. The “iron and clay” of the European Union was again evident when Britain and France met recently to discuss finances without Germany. Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (age 60) granted a poignant interview to the German tabloid Der Spiegel, stating that Germany has been accused of “watching from the sidelines” as Europe deals with the global economic meltdown. He argued that Germany must resume its role as a “leader” in Europe and be willing to work, “even with the French.” Mr. Fisher chided, “Why does Germany always say no, instead of assuming a leadership role?” He cautioned that Germany cannot “go it alone,” or “the European Experiment will fail.” Mr. Fisher reiterated his continued belief in a two-speed Europe, where a handful of nations, including Germany and France, will take the lead. He concluded by saying that Germany and Europe must invest more heavily in the U.S., or the U.S. will turn toward its other “creditors in the Pacific,” forced to focus on the nations to whom it is indebted (Der Spiegel, December 22, 2008). The Bible highlights the divisive, iron-and-clay nature of the end-time…Beast power (Daniel 2:33, 41-44; Revelation 17:7-15).

Having an EU president that disagrees with the goals of the EU is certainly an example of a fragile union.  But, the Bible shows that for a while, once the one the Bible also refers to as the King of the North rises up, despite its fragile nature, Europe will temporarily prevail.

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