Vatican Wants Jerusalem Sites



In today’s announcement, LCG had the following:

The Vatican wants Jerusalem sites.

For 450 years, the Vatican has fought to regain control over holy sites in Jerusalem–ever since they were taken from Franciscan monks by the Ottomans about 1551 AD. The Vatican is now negotiating to gain control of several of these sites, including the garden of Gethsemane, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount. A news article has reported, “The Roman Catholic Church’s authorities increased their political initiatives for Catholic control over some sites in Jerusalem.” A Vatican high court official commented during a visit to Washington, the issue is not “whether it [Jerusalem] is the capital of Israel, it is a question of whether it is a part of a national territory.” For years, world leaders have called for Jerusalem to be designated as an “international zone,” and the Vatican aims to control this zone (, December 15, 2011;, May 4, 2009).

Bible prophecy reveals that Jerusalem will be a “cup of trembling” to the surrounding nations, and nations will “lay siege” to it at some future time (Zechariah 12:2, KJV). Jesus said that Jerusalem will be “surrounded by armies” in the future, and will be “trampled by Gentiles” 3.5 years (Luke 21:20-24; Revelation 11:2). At the start of this period, a great “False Prophet” will desecrate the Holy Place where offerings will have started (Daniel 11:29-31; Matthew 24:15-16).

Exciting events are occurring that will set in motion powerful prophecies that God revealed to His prophets long ago! For more information, see our informative booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!

The Bible is clear that Jerusalem will be taken over (cf. Daniel 11:31) in the future and the Jews will no longer control it.  It certainly is possible that the Vatican will push for some type of a deal in the region such as that discussed in Daniel 9:27.  And if so, a political leader is prophesied to violate the agreement.

The Vatican’s public position may embolden the Europeans to take steps towards confirming a Middle East covenant.

Prophetic events seem to to lining up.

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