Wisconsin Dells Flooding

Lower Wisconsin Dells Intersection between Downtown & “The Strip”


Last night, the Wisconsin Dells was in the news.  My son Brian and I watched as one house (apparently built on sand, in violation of Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 7:26-27) fell into a river.  And the house next to it, according to a photo I saw later this morning, also fell.

The following article also covered it:

Lake Delton – It was Tom and Tina Pekar’s dream home – set on a little bay notched in the northeast corner of Lake Delton, just a couple of hundred yards from the Wisconsin River…

On Monday, the house was a wreck, ripped from its site and tipped at a crazy angle where rain-swollen Lake Delton burst open, washing away three homes, shearing another in two and turning the once-sparkling body of water into a vast mud flat…

On Sunday, man-made Lake Delton covered 267 acres and held more than 600 million gallons of water.

On Monday, it was all but drained within two hours after the shore gave way…The breach created a ferocious current as the water tumbled into the Wisconsin River 40 feet below…

Among the larger properties affected is Wilderness on the Lake, a shoreline complex of 108 upscale resort condo units featuring lake views.

“The property’s still fine,” spokeswoman Heidi Fendos said, “but Lake Delton’s not there.”

Wilderness on the Lake is a relatively small part of the larger Wilderness Territory resort, the great majority of which sits apart from Lake Delton.

That’s true for the Dells tourism sector generally. By far the largest part of Dells attractions, which line Highway 12 and downtown Wisconsin Dells, are unaffected. The same can be said for the area’s many water parks and the natural rock formations along the Wisconsin River that first drew tourists to the Dells.

But for those on Lake Delton, it’s another story.

“It’s going to be a devastating impact on all the resorts (on) Lake Delton,” said Diehl, who has long been a leader in the state tourism industry…

Rain weakened sand

Although sandstone – the stone that forms the famed dells of the Wisconsin River – rings most of Lake Delton, it is absent at the spot where the shore gave way, Diehl said.

Instead, he said, the soil there is “100% sand” from the lake to the river a couple of hundred yards to the northeast. The heavy rains of the weekend turned the sand into a soggy mass that finally gave way about 10 a.m. Monday. http://www2.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=760060

So while for years, people thought that their sand foundations were safe, in a time of crisis, they learned that they are were not.

The Wisconsin Dells was a popular Feast of Tabernacles’ site for the old Worldwide Church of God.  It is also scheduled to be one of the Feast sites this Fall for the Living Church of God (for a listing of 2008 Feast of Tabernacles’ sites, please see the article LCG 2008 Feast of Tabernacles’ Information).

During this time of uncertainty, it is still true that having a true foundation, and not a one some traditions of men act like is safe, is what true Christians insist on.

Is your faith built upon the Rock (Christ) or traditions of men?

Those interested more in that subject may wish to study more about the History of Early Christianity:

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