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The Continuing Church of God is pleased to announce our latest video on our Bible New Prophecy YouTube channel.


Does Satan have a plan? If he does, do you know the various parts of it and how Satan has had it implemented. Do non-biblical prophecies play a role? What about apparitions that various ones claim are Mary the mother of Jesus? Has Satan used apparitions and demonically-influenced religious leaders who claim to be Christian? Why will some believe that the returning Jesus Christ will be the Antichrist?

Our latest sermonette is titled: Satan’s Plan: A Brief Introduction

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Satan’s Plan Does Satan have a plan? What is it? Has it already been successful? Will it be successful in the future? Here is a link to a related video: Satan’s Plan A Brief Introduction.
Do Certain Catholic Prophecies About Antichrist Warn Against Jesus? Will the final “Anti-Christ” be Jewish, insist on Saturday, be opposed to the trinity, and bring in the millennium? Certain Catholic writings indicate this, while others take a different view, but what does the Bible show?
Will You Be Deceived by Antichrist? 1964 article by David Jon Hill, originally published in the old Good News magazine.  It cites many Catholic prophecies.
Catholic Prophecies: Do They Mirror, Highlight, or Contradict Biblical Prophecies? People of all faiths may be surprised to see what various Roman and Orthodox Catholic prophets have been predicting as many of their predictions will be looked to in the 21st century.

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