Boko Haram and ISIS continue to terrorize, kill, and abuse

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The Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram has apparently ‘married off’ the school girls it kidnapped last Spring:

November 1, 2014

The leader of Nigeria’s Islamic extremist group Boko Haram says the 219 schoolgirls kidnapped in Chibok earlier this year have all converted to Islam and have been married off.

Abubakar Shekau said in a video the girls, who he says are now in their marital homes, have memorized two chapters of the Quran.

Nigeria had announced it was in negotiations with Boko Haram to release the girls.  Shekau denied those claims, saying he did not know the man who claimed to represent Boko Haram in the negotiations.

Shekau said the issue of the girls is “long forgotten.”

I would not call the kidnapping, etc. ‘long forgotten.’ Boko Haram, its tactics, what it has done, as well as its objectives are horrible.  Groups like Boko Haram force ‘conversion’ over threat of murder.  The USA stated last Spring that it would help the Nigerian government get the school girls back (see USA agrees to help try to free kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls), but that has not been successful.

Notice that ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, has continued its murderous ways:

November 1, 2014

BAGHDAD –  Islamic State group extremists lined up and shot dead at least 50 tribesmen and women in Iraq’s Anbar province, officials said Saturday, the latest mass killing committed by the group.

The shooting happened late Friday in the village of Ras al-Maa, north of the provincial capital of Ramadi, Anbar councilman Faleh al-Issawi said.

November 1, 2014

At least 50 members of a western Iraqi tribe in Anbar province were killed by Islamic State militants on Friday, according to officials and tribal leaders. …

Earlier on Friday, mass graves containing between 80 and 220 bodies, many from the same tribe, were found.

The USA has an air campaign against the Islamic State.

The goal of Boko Haram and the Islamic State is to have a massive Islamic caliphate.  Essentially an empire.  They oppose not only non-Muslims, but also Muslims that will not support their views of Islam.  The Islamic State has seemingly killed more Muslims than non-Muslims.

The Bible does tell of the rise of a power that resembles an Islamic caliphate (Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:2-8; see also The Prophesied ‘Islamic’ Confederation); and it seems that the West is starting to advocate one (see US Military Chairman scales down threat from Islamic State and seems to be advocating the rise of the King of the South and Beheading, and France calls for ‘global strategy’ to deal with the Islamic State and/or watch Obama Administration Pushing for an Islamic Empire?).

This ‘king of the south’ has territories in at least North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey per Daniel 11:40-43.

The lands mentioned in the Bible for such a confederation do not seem to extend down as far as Nigeria, although the inclusion of “Cushites” in a couple of scriptures (including Daniel 11:43) suggest that it will not only be Arabs and Turks in the confederation, but also black Africans. The Bible also reveals it will not end well for those in the final confederation (Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:2-8; see also The Prophesied ‘Islamic’ Confederation).

Those in the Islamic State and Boko Haram should repent–what they want will not turn out well.

The world needs the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the millennial kingdom. My prayers go out to those affected by terrorist groups like Boko Haram and the Islamic State.

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