Boko Haram declares itself ‘Islamic Caliphate,’ Nigeria denies that it is one.

Logo of Boko Haram (ArnoldPlaton)


The Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram has apparently followed ISIS’s lead and has declared an Islamic caliphate:

Nigeria Denies Boko Haram ‘Caliphate’ Claim

August 25, 2014

ABUJA— Nigerian militants have released a new video stating they have annexed a town and the surrounding countryside into what they call their “Islamic Caliphate.”  Officials deny the claim and the video’s credibility.  But some religious leaders say as Boko Haram grows stronger, the government should re-consider abandoned peace talks.

The video released Sunday, distributed in its usual shadowy way, shows the man who claims to be the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, flanked by two masked men with guns in front of large SUVs.

He says Boko Haram has taken over Gwoza, an area that has been the site of many militant attacks in recent months, including the murder of the local emir in late May.

Next, a sequence appears to show the taking of a town or a military base.  Fighters shoot their way through a rural area with buildings, in the hills among the rocks and finally rolling into town on military trucks, triumphant and still shooting, as music plays in the video.

The people in the video all appear to be Boko Haram fighters but it is not clear who or what they are shooting at.  Some analysts say the video is part of an emerging pattern of Boko Haram entering towns and forcing anyone they can to fight.

“Now it’s really the more they expand, they go into territories, to use the words properly, they conquer new territories and they take the boys that are there and they need more and more personnel,” said Yan St. Pierre, CEO of MOSECON, a Berlin-based security firm.

The United Nations says 650,000 people have fled their homes because of Boko Haram fighting and the group has killed thousands of people this year alone with the stated goal of enforcing a harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

Some religious leaders say that in many parts of northern Nigeria, there’s nothing people can do but run.

“The federal government cannot provide the security for you.  You have to provide the security for yourself and your family,” explained Mallam Abdullahi Bayero, the spokesman for the Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria.

Nigerian officials skeptical

But Nigerian officials say the new video lacks credibility altogether, calling Shekau’s claim to have established some sort of rule, “empty.”

At the same time, Defense spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade says “appropriate military operations to secure that area from the activities of the bandits is still ongoing.”

Nigeria obviously does not want a competing government within parts of its territory. Boko Haram, its tactics, and its objectives are horrible.

The Bible does tell of the rise of a power that resembles an Islamic caliphate (Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:2-8; see also The Prophesied ‘Islamic’ Confederation); and it seems that the West is starting to advocate one (see US Military Chairman scales down threat from Islamic State and seems to be advocating the rise of the King of the South and Beheading, and France calls for ‘global strategy’ to deal with the Islamic State).

Now, the lands mentioned in the Bible for one do not seem to extend down as far as Nigeria, although the inclusion of “Cushites” in a couple of scriptures suggest that it will not only be Arabs and Turks in the confederation, but also black Africans.  This will not end well for those in the final confederation (Daniel 11:40-43; Ezekiel 30:2-8; see also The Prophesied ‘Islamic’ Confederation).

Boko Haram should repent–what is wants will not turn out well.

The world needs the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the millennial kingdom. My prayers go out to those affected by Islamic terrorist groups like Boko Haram.

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