David Cameron and the Direction of the United Kingdom

David Cameron


Now that the “dust has almost settled” in the United Kingdom election, an update on the situation seems fitting.  BBC reported:

At-a-glance: Cameron coalition’s policy plans

The Conservatives and Lib Dems are now in coalition. Policy details have been released. See below for the key points…:…

  • “Accelerated” action to cut the budget deficit: £6bn of spending cuts this year…
  • Next year’s 1% National Insurance tax rise to be partly scrapped
  • Substantial rise in income tax allowances for lowest paid from April 2011…
  • No further powers ceded to EU without referendum
  • UK not to join euro in lifetime of Parliament
  • Work to limit application of EU Working Time Directive in UK…
  • New nuclear power plants (Lib Dems able to abstain on issue)
  • No new coal-fired power stations without carbon capture and storage  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/8677088.stm May 13, 2010

But there is much more going on than the immediate plans.  David Cameron of the Conservative Party is now only Prime Minister because of a coalition with the Liberal Democrats (the Conservatives got the most seats, but not enough for a majority (see UK Election Results Suggest Uncertainty).   Basically this means that his term in office can end in a few days if his coalition partners so desire.  So, the situation in the UK is really not that stable at this stage.

The difference of opinion of the coalition partners on nuclear energy is only one of many.

Interestingly, the following two of the announced items will likely have significant prophetic ramifications:

  • No further powers ceded to EU without referendum
  • UK not to join euro in lifetime of Parliament
  • Now, as a party to the Lisbon Treaty, the UK, like all non-Euro currency countries in the EU, has agreed to adopt the Euro once its economy is ready for it.  The idea of not adopting the Euro and not ceding more power to the European Union without the referendum where citizens actually have a choice will NOT sit well with the European Union’s top leadership.

    Essentially, the UK seems to be putting the EU on notice that it not intending to accept plans for more integration underneath the EU, which is what the EU wants and expects (see Herman Van Rompuy: EU Integration is the Answer for Peace and Stability).  This will likely lead to the UK ultimately leaving the European Union and will likely ultimately push it closer to the USA as far as the Europeans are concerned.

    We in the Living Church of God have expected this type of development for some time, and if this new coalition in the UK sticks to its reported policies in this area, it will accelerate the separation of the UK from the EU.  And according to Bible prophecy, the EU will not ultimately be happy about this.  Actually, the final “EU” will take steps that will ultimately eliminate the UK from being its own nation.

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