British EU Sceptics Increasing

Palace of Westminster in London


Recent election results suggest that those opposed to participation in the European Union are gaining ground:

Eurosceptics score major win in Britain

EUobserver – June 8, 2009

BRUSSELS – The European elections in Britain saw the UK Independence Party (UKIP), advocating withdrawal from the EU, scoring its best result ever and coming second to only the opposition Conservatives, while the ruling Labour party slipped to the third place.With a turnout of 34.3 percent, the Conservatives obtained 27.7 percent of the votes cast in the elections in Britain on 4 June. The Tories will get 25 seats in the newly elected European Parliament, up from 24 so far, final results showed on Monday (8 June).UKIP had been expecting to do well in the election but the extent of its win was surprising, as it came second with 16.5 percent and obtained 13 seats, one more than in the last parliament…

Lisbon referendum?

The prospect of a snap general election and a potential Tory victory spells turbulence for Brussels, with its leader David Cameron having promised to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty if he comes in power before it is ratified in all EU states, as well as to call for the EU to return powers to London.

“We have pledged that if the constitution [the Lisbon Treaty] is not in force in the event of the election of a Conservative government this year or next, we will hold a referendum on it, urge a No vote, and – if successful – reverse Britain’s ratification,” Mr Cameron said in April…

The UK parliament has already ratified the Lisbon Treaty, but as Britain has no written constitution, the Tory leader would in fact not be breaching any rules if he proceeded to reversing the ratification, British liberal MEP Graham Watson explained on Monday…

“I am very worried by the position adopted by David Cameron on the Lisbon Treaty. It’s almost incredible, unbelievable for a country which was a full part of the negotiations for this treaty… This party is now trying to reopen the debate,” he said.

“I would hate to think what would be the impact on the relations [between the UK and the EU]… if a government would come in office and rip out a treaty that its predecessors signed and ratified,” he added.

There will be turbulence in world politics, but somehow the UK will be on the outs with the Europeans according to Bible prophecy.  Bible prophecy also shows the destruction of the UK and its American allies by the upcoming European Beast power, also known as the final King of the North.

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