David Cameron wins–vote in UK on EU to come

David Cameron (Official UK photo)


David Cameron’ political party had major gains in yesterday’s election:

8 May 2015

British Prime Minister David Cameron won another five-year term as his party surged to an outright majority of seats in parliament in Thursday’s election, far more than opinion polls had predicted.

It was a stunning victory for Cameron and his Conservative Party, as they became the first British ruling party in decades to increase their seats in parliament in an election.  Cameron went to Buckingham Palace Friday to formally receive the mandate from Queen Elizabeth to form the next government.

“To me, this election campaign was always about the difficult decisions we had to take over the last five years, the foundation of the stronger economy that we built for our country and the chance now to build on that foundation,” Cameron said.

Party leaders resign

Equally stunning was the decline of Cameron’s coalition partner for the last five years, the Liberal Democratic Party, which lost nearly 50 seats and will have fewer than ten. The party leader and deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, resigned Thursday morning.

The leader of the main opposition Labor Party, Ed Miliband, also resigned after the party won fewer seats than it had five years ago, well was short of pollsters’ predictions of a dead heat between Labor and the Conservatives.

“Now it’s time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party, so I’m tendering my resignation,” Miliband said. “I want to do so straight away because the party has to have an open and honest debate about the right way forward.”

It was a sharp disappointment for Miliband, who just the day before had reason to believe he might become prime minister and reverse much of the Conservatives’ austerity policy.

Economy, Scotland cited as factors in win

Professor Peter Urwin of the University of Westminister said with the economy still under threat, in the end voters went with the party that has brought the improvement of the last few years.

“I think the phrase [is] ‘safe pair of hands.’  The last five years the Conservatives have been seen to guide the economy through some pretty rough waters,” he said.

Urwin said the spending cuts that were a key part of the Conservatives’ policy mainly hit types of people who don’t vote for them anyway, including welfare recipients and young people.

Former journalist now senior fellow at the Chatham House research center, Quentin Peel, focused on a different factor.  He said concern that Labor would have needed support from the Scottish National Party to form a government drove many voters to the Conservatives in the final days of the campaign.

“It was a late surge to safety by English voters voting for the devil they knew, even if they weren’t enthusiastic about it,” Peel said.

The liberal and pro-independence Scottish National Party, which won at least 56 of the 59 seats available from Scotland, had hoped to be part of an anti-Conservative coalition.  Now, its sharply increased delegation in parliament will sit in opposition, and its plan for another referendum on Scottish independence is likely put off to the indefinite future.

Scottish voters rejected independence in a referendum just last year.

The right-wing anti-immigration, anti-European Union UK Independence Party captured an unprecedented 12 percent of the national vote.  But the support was spread across the country and the party took only one seat in parliament.

Its flamboyant leader Nigel Farrage lost his bid for a seat and resigned as party leader, although he said he might run for the post again in September.

EU referendum promised

Prime Minister Cameron is committed to holding a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU by 2017.

“Yes, we will deliver that in-out referendum on our future in Europe,” Cameron said Friday before his meeting with the Queen.

Before that vote, he wants to negotiate changes in the relationship that will convince British voters to stay in the Union.  But he faces hard bargaining with leaders on the continent.  http://www.voanews.com/content/britains-conservatives-victorious-at-polls/2759514.html

May 8, 2015

Speaking outside No 10 after visiting Buckingham Palace, he said the UK was “on the brink of something special”.

The Conservatives have 330 seats – four more than needed for a Commons majority – their first such victory since 1992.

Mr Cameron’s rivals Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have all resigned after election disappointment.

The Conservative leader is now beginning the process of putting together the new government, with senior Cabinet appointments expected to be announced later on Friday.

Mr Cameron said he would reach out to all parts of the UK and strive to “bring the country together” in the wake of the SNP’s election landslide in Scotland – where it won 56 of the 59 seats.  http://www.bbc.com/news/election-2015-32659720

Last Summer, David Cameron tried and failed to stop Jean-Claude Juncker from gaining the presidency of the European Commission (see EU Summit opens, UK’s Cameron expected to lose related to J. Juncker: a prelude to a Brixit? and Jean Claude Juncker elected President of the European Commission; He wants Europe center-stage and technologically advanced).  He felt that the policies of Jean-Claude Juncker could be a factor to persuade voters in the UK to pull out of the European Union. Juncker’s election demonstrated that David Cameron’s intentions and efforts do not always get the results he wants for the UK in the EU.  Of course, with the promise of a vote to possibly leave the EU, David Cameron may have more leverage with the EU, for a time, in the future.

As far as the UK’s role in the future, as I have written many times before, the UK will not remain a major power in the final European configuration. The UK will be taken over and essentially devoured by the Beast power. And it may well leave prior to its final formation.

Nigel Farage’s United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) wants the UK to leave the European Union. David Cameron wants the UK to stay in.   UKIP’ Nigel Farage lost his seat in Parliament.  However, because UKIP got 12% of the vote, this shows that there is increased interest amongst those who would want to leave the EU.

The expected rise of Scottish National Party in this election is of interest as Scotland voted last year to remain part of the UK.  The increase in the SNP suggests that more in Scotland may be having second thoughts about that.

The Bible shows that Europe itself will change (Revelation 13; 17:12, 13, & 15-18).  The Bible shows that Europe will have at least three reorganizations (see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?) and that ultimately trouble will come to the UK (e.f. Jeremiah 30:7).

Perhaps I should mention that the taking over of the UK has long been a Roman Catholic goal, and the time will come when at least someone from the Vatican will support it.  Here are some centuries old writings related to that from Catholic saints and others:

Saint Edward (d. 1066) “The extreme corruption and wickedness of the English nation has provoked the just anger of God.  When malice shall have reached the fullness of its measure, God will, in His wrath, send to the English people wicked spirits, who will punish and afflict them with great severity…” (Culleton, p. 137).

Mother Shipton (d. 1551) “The time will come when England shall tremble and quake…London shall be destroyed forever after . . . and then York shall be London and the Kingdom governed by three Lords appointed by a Royal Great monarch…who will set England right and drive out heresy (Culleton, p. 163).

It has been foretold in 597, by ST. Columbkille…”…English nobility shall sink into horrible life–wars shall be proclaimed against them, by means of which the franatically proud race shall be subdued, and will be harassed from every quarter. The English shall dwindle into disreputable people and shall forever be derived of power” (Culligan, pp. 118-119).

St. Columbine (d. 597): The enemies of the English shall be aroused in battle–they who reside in the eastern and western parts of the world…the English shall be defeated…After the English shall be defeated in this battle, they shall be harassed by every quarter; like a fawn surrounded by a pack of voracious hounds, shall be the position of the English amidst their enemies. The English afterwards shall dwindle down to a disreputable people (Culleton, R. Gerald.  The Prophets and Our Times. Nihil Obstat: L. Arvin.  Imprimatur: Philip G. Scher, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, November 15, 1941.  Reprint 1974, TAN Books, Rockford (IL), pp. 131,132).

St. Senanus (d. 560): They (English) themselves will betray each other: in consequence their sovereignty will be broken…One monarch will rule in Ireland over the English (Culleton, p. 128).

Merlin (7th century): After destruction of England…shall come a dreadful man…he shall set England on the right way and put out all heresies (Culleton, p. 132).

Saint Cataldus of Tarentino (c. 500): “The Great Monarch will be in war till he is forty years of age….he will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his empire. He will conquer England and other island empires” (Connor, p.30).

St. Malachy (12th century). “Ireland will suffer English oppression for a week of centuries, but will preserve her fidelity to God and His Church. At the end of that time she will be delivered, and the English in turn must suffer severe chastisement. Ireland, however, will be instrumental in bringing back the English to the unity of Faith.” (Dupont, p.15)

Certain Catholic sources claim that the first portion involving oppression in the above Malachy prophecy has been fulfilled. But notice that the above also claims that England will suffer from severe chastisement. And apparently many those that survive will become some type of “Catholic” (probably through desperation, coercion, deception, and/or force).

The final European King of the North (Daniel 11:27-40) will take over the UK, USA, and their Anglo-Saxon allies according to Bible prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39; Isaiah 10:5-11).   The final European King of the North has many traits in common with the ‘Great Monarch’ that certain Catholic-writings indicate will takeover over the UK and more.

If the UK is out of the EU, that would be a reason some might feel force is needed to bring it back in.

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