London’s Boris Johnson wants a Brexit!

London Mayor Boris Johnson


David Cameron just secured a deal to grant the United Kingdom (UK) “special status” within the European Union (EU). So, as he promised, he has called for a referendum for voters to decide whether the UK should remain in the EU (bolding below mine):

February 21, 2016

British Prime Minister David Cameron, in an interview Sunday with the BBC, urged London Mayor Boris Johnson to support Britain remaining in the European Union.

The popular Johnson, seen as a possible successor to Cameron, is set to make his stance known on EU membership later in the day.

Some British media are speculating Johnson will join the campaign to leave the EU.

Cameron has set a referendum on Britain’s continued membership in the European Union for June 23.

Cameron said Saturday his Cabinet approved a recommendation that Britain stay in a reformed 28-nation European Union. However, six Cabinet members are supporting an EU exit.

Well, Boris Johnson did make his position known:

February 21, 2016

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said he has decided “after a huge amount of heartache” to campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

He said the EU was eroding British sovereignty and PM David Cameron’s EU reform deal would not bring about fundamental change of its membership.

His decision pits him against Mr Cameron, who is calling for Britain to stay in a “reformed” EU.

The prime minister says leaving the EU would be a “leap in the dark”.

The announcement by Mr Johnson, MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip South, follows intense speculation about which side he would back.

We now are seeing a real battle in the UK. The campaign related to a possible Brexit (also called a Brixit) is on. Brexit is short for BRitish EXIT and Brixit is short for BRItish exIT from the European Union.

It is no longer just Nigel Farage and his United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), but many in the more mainstream and established Conservative Party that want the UK out of the EU.

Several weeks ago, David Cameron came back with a deal he negotiated with leaders of the EU.  Most in the UK did not find that enough to convince them to want to stay in the EU (see Most in the UK not convinced it should remain in the EU). So, David Cameron went back, and got a ‘better’ deal on Friday, granting the UK ‘special status’ within the EU (watch Will the UK’s ‘special status’ with the EU last?).  He did this in the hopes that more in the UK would vote to remain in the EU.

Obviously, people like Boris Johnson are not convinced that this is a good deal. Because of pressures and promises, Prime Minister Cameron announced that the vote on staying or leaving the EU would take place on June 23, 2016.

We will see how the vote turns out. Yet ultimately, no matter how the vote goes, the UK WILL NOT BE AN EQUAL MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION!

If the UK votes to leave the European Union, this will be because more voters apparently believe it will do better outside the European Union.

If the UK votes to remain in the European Union, this will be because more voters apparently believe it will do better inside the European Union.

If the UK votes to leave, then those in the European Union will feel that the UK has betrayed Europe, and will hold this against the UK.

But what if the UK votes to stay in?

Well, this will be problematic in many ways.

Both eastern and western European nations are opposed to this (watch Will the UK’s ‘special status’ with the EU last?) and it is already alienating the UK from Europe.

They also have indicated that London will cease its role of being the financial center of Europe, should the UK vote to leave the EU.

Relationships between the EU and UK will worsen.

David Cameron claims, “Britain will never be part of a European superstate.” But a superstate is what the elite in Europe want and is what they will get (cf. Revelation 17:12-13)–and the UK will be taken over by it.

Yesterday, I recorded a message that we made available today online: Will the UK’s ‘special status’ with the EU last?

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