French Voters Elected a New President

French President-Elect François Hollande Janvier (© Matthieu Riegler, CC-BY)


The people of France have apparently elected a new president today, while other elections also happened in Europe:

Polls: Francois Hollande has won France’s presidential election 6 May 2012-Lionel Cironneau / APPolling agency projections suggest Socialist Francois Hollande has won France’s presidential election against conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. An Hollande victory could change how Europe tackles its debt crisis — with more stimulus and less austerity. Partial official results also showed Hollande ahead.French President Nicolas Sarkozy faced voters’ anger over austerity Sunday in a presidential run-off expected to replace him with Socialist rival Francois Hollande, with far-reaching consequences for efforts to fight Europe’s debt crisis.

Socialist Francois Hollande has been elected as France’s new president.

He got about 52% of votes in Sunday’s run-off, according to early projections, against 48% for centre-right incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Sarkozy has admitted defeat, saying: “Francois Hollande is the president of France and he must be respected.”

Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in member countries.

CNN – ‎6 May 2012 Athens, Greece (CNN) — Greece’s ruling coalition appeared headed for steep losses in Sunday’s parliamentary elections while parties on the far left and far right were poised to make significant gains amid anger over austerity measures,

Europe Elections: France, Greece, Serbia, Germany, Italy And Armenia Hold Elections

‎Huffington Post – 6 May 2012
(PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/GettyImages) Six European countries are holding elections Sunday.

France, Greece and Germany election results send austerity shockwaves through Europe
The stunning victory of the French Socialists and wipe-out of mainstream parties in Greece sent shock waves on Sunday night crashing throughout the continent of Europe.

(Current French President Sarkozy himself had been a leading figure for the EU, so he likely will try to enter French politics again later and/or try to get some position within the EU–though he could leave politics for a while first.)

Here is some background on Francois Hollande’s candidacy from Wikipedia:

On 26 January he outlined a full list of policies in a manifesto containing 60 propositions, including the separation of retail activities from riskier investment-banking businesses, raising taxes for big corporations, banks and the wealthy, creating 60,000 teaching jobs, bringing the official retirement age back down to 60 from 62, creating subsidised jobs in areas of high unemployment for the young, promoting more industry in France by creating a public investment bank, granting marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples, and pulling French troops out of Afghanistan in 2012. On 9 February, he detailed his policies specifically relating to education in a major speech in Orléans.

On 15 February, incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that he would run for a second and final term, strongly criticising Hollande’s proposals and claiming that he would bring about “economic disaster within two days of taking office” if he won…

European politics: aims to conclude a new contract of Franco-German partnership and he advocates the adoption of a Directive on the protection of public services. Proposes closer Franco-German partnership: “an acceleration of the establishment of a Franco-German civic service, the creation of a Franco-German research office, the creation of a Franco-German industrial fund to finance common competitiveness clusters (transport, energy or environment) and the establishment of a common military headquarters…Hollande supported same-sex marriage and adoption for LGBT couples, and has plans to pursue the issue in early 2013

Francois Hollande’s pro-homosexual marriage and similar immoral stances apparently have not turned the French voters off.  Of course, voters often do not do what is right from a biblical perspective (and no, this is not some type of endorsement from me for Nicolas Sarkozy).

The situation is Greece and other parts of Europe is not unexpected.  There are problems in Europe, and shortly after the austerity programs were beginning to be announced (9/5/10, see Civil War in Greece?) I wrote, “Austerity measures in Europe will likely cause civil unrest.”  Voters changing politicians likely will not stop future unrest from happening there unless certain economic changes happen in Europe.

Things must change in Europe.  Europe will deal with immigration issues and make changes to its economy which (combined with the decline of the Anglo-powers like the USA and UK) will propel it to become truly the leading economic power in the world–though only for a relatively short time.

The Bible tells of a basically European kingdom that will be partially strong, partially weak, and with a fragile unity (Daniel 2:41-43), but that will have a frightening type of economic dominance (see Revelation chapters 13,17,18). This kingdom will have a religion and it will not be Islam. Europe is prophesied to make a deceitful deal with an Islamic power (Daniel 11:27) and this deal might partially happen because of immigration policies and civil unrest.

The Bible also tells of a time when a European power will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13). While I do not believe that we are to the point of fulfilling the reorganization required by Revelation 17:12-13, it seems that a variety of steps will be necessary for the final reorganization to occur. Some of those steps, especially if they involve austerity/budget cuts and immigration policies, may stir more violent protests in the future. Violent protests can lead to militaristic leaders rising up, and a major militaristic leader rising up is consistent with biblical prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39-44; Revelation 13:3-4).

Irrespective of who wins in all of the six European elections today, many events are aligning with Bible prophecy. Jesus said to watch (Mark 13:33-37; Luke 21:36).

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