French Debate and EU Crisis

 Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
Nicolas Sarkozy


The debate between candidates for the presidency of France made the news:

May 3, 2012

PARIS –  French voters who watched the only televised debate before this weekend’s presidential election appeared to emerge with two impressions: Nicolas Sarkozy, who trails in the polls, did not pull off the clear victory he needed, and Francois Hollande was surprisingly resilient in the bitter back and forths.

Pollsters, meanwhile, were compiling figures about how the debate could influence Sunday’s voting. For months, their studies across the board have suggested that Hollande, the Socialist challenger, is likely to quash conservative President Sarkozy’s hopes for re-election.

Current French President Sarkozy himself has been a leading figure for the EU and presuming he does not win this election, he likely will try again later and/or try to get some position within the EU (though he could leave politics for a while first).

Speaking of the EU, it is still having problems:

Muncie Star Press – ‎3 May 2012
Austerity has been the main prescription across Europe for dealing with a debt crisis that’s afflicted the continent for nearly three years and has raised the specter of the breakup of the single currency.
New York Times – ‎‎3 May 2012
These are the goals of the Nicolas Berggruen Institute’s Council on the Future of Europe, of which I am a founding member: First, the direction of European economic and financial policy must change, away from pure austerity toward growth. – ‎3 May 2012
By Nikolaj Nielsen BRUSSELS – EU austerity measures are helping to feed racism and intolerance, according to a report by the Strasbourg-based human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe.
Reuters – ‎May 1, 2012
By Renee Maltezou | ATHENS (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of workers across southern Europe protested against spending cuts at May Day rallies on Tuesday, before weekend elections in Greece and France where voters are expected to punish leaders for austerity.

During his speeches aimed at re-election, French President Sarkozy himself has somewhat played the race and the immigration card.  But so far, not apparently well enough to ensure his re-election.

There are problems in Europe, and shortly after the austerity programs were beginning to be announced (9/5/10, see Civil War in Greece?) I wrote, “Austerity measures in Europe will likely cause civil unrest.”  Things must change in Europe.  Europe will deal with immigration issues and make changes to its economy which (combined with the decline of the Anglo-powers like the USA and UK) will propel it to become truly the leading economic power in the world–though only for a relatively short time.

The Bible tells of a basically European kingdom that will be partially strong, partially weak, and with a fragile unity (Daniel 2:41-43), but that will have a frightening type of economic dominance (see Revelation chapters 13,17,18).  This kingdom will have a religion and it will not be Islam. Europe is prophesied to make a deceitful deal with an Islamic power (Daniel 11:27) and this deal might partially happen because of immigration policies and civil unrest.

The Bible also tells of a time when a European power will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13). While I do not believe that we are to the point of fulfilling the reorganization required by Revelation 17:12-13, it seems that a variety of steps will be necessary for the final reorganization to occur. Some of those steps, especially if they involve austerity/budget cuts and immigration policies, may stir more violent protests in the future. Violent protests can lead to militaristic leaders rising up, and a major militaristic leader rising up is consistent with biblical prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39-44; Revelation 13:3-4).

Irrespective of who wins the French presidency, many events are aligning with Bible prophecy.  Jesus said to watch (Mark 13:33-37; Luke 21:36).

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