TW: Will France Divide Europe? Part of the 144,000?

French President-Elect François Hollande Janvier (© Matthieu Riegler, CC-BY)


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Will France (Reuben) Divide Europe?

On May 6, 2012 France elected François Hollande as the new president, ousting Nicolas Sarkozy. Mr. Hollande, a socialist, has pledged to reverse the course set by Mr. Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (BBC News, May 7, 2012). France is a leading nation in Europe, but its fluctuating governmental policies may force Germany to assume a more dominant role in Europe.

The outcome of this election is “the victory that both Angela Merkel and the markets had feared: French voters on Sunday night elected François Hollande, who has pledged to halt Europe’s austerity measures and renegotiate the European Union’s fiscal pact.” The Germans have warned that “the president-elect should clarify that he will not follow through with his campaign promise to change the European Union fiscal pact, a deal reached earlier this year that forces signatories to anchor balanced-budget measures in their constitutions and halt deficit spending in order to stabilize the common currency” (Der Spiegel, May 5, 2012).

This abrupt change in France’s policy is in keeping with Bible prophecies about Reuben (the ancestor of the French). Jacob told his son Reuben that in the latter days he would have dignity and power, but he would be unstable as water (Genesis 49:3-4).

Daniel prophesied that the ten toes (kingdoms or nations) of the last revival of the Roman Empire would be an unstable mixture of iron and clay–partly strong and partly fragile (Daniel 2:41-42). The recent French election will aggravate the already strained relations between nations in the EU and may further divide France and Germany.

For more information on this important topic, read our free Tomorrow’s World article “The End of Liberté?

And of course, there are problems in Greece (see, for example, the BBC article today titled EU central bankers consider Greece euro exit) and other parts of Europe.  Shortly after the austerity programs were beginning to be announced (9/5/10, see Civil War in Greece?) I wrote, “Austerity measures in Europe will likely cause civil unrest.” Voters changing politicians likely will not stop future unrest from happening there unless certain economic changes happen in Europe.

The Bible tells of a basically European kingdom that will be partially strong, partially weak, and with a fragile unity (Daniel 2:41-43), but that will have a frightening type of economic dominance (see Revelation chapters 13,17,18).

The Bible also tells of a time when a European power will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13), but that 144,000, composed of 12,000 people from each 12 tribes of Israel (most of whom will apparently have some connection to Europe) will be sealed by God (Revelation 7:1-8), including Reuben (Revelation 7:5).  These people apparently have responded to the preaching of The Two Witnesses and/or otherwise refused to worship the Beast (cf. Revelation 11:3,7; 13:8).

Here is some of what Lesson 28 of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course taught:

The 144,000, as well as the great innumerable multitude from all nations referred to in verse 9, repent of their old sinful ways and turn to Almighty God in personal surrender. God then put their sins under the blood of Jesus Christ-the Passover Lamb (verse 14). “These are they,” states one of the elders at God’s throne, “which came out of great tribulation.” These multitudes will receive eternal life, and serve God day and night in His Temple (verse 15). (Sound the Trumpet. Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. Lesson 28. 1986, page 9)

Many people will repent, including various ones in France.

While I do not believe that we are to the point of fulfilling the reorganization required by Revelation 17:12-13 or the sealing of Revelation 7:1-8, we are getting closer.  And France and others will be involved.

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