German Plagiarism and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (World Economic Forum)


Probably the most common reason that Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has been mentioned in the news in the past year or so is his connection with plagiarism (another frequent reason is a television program that has been made about him in Germany).  Notice, for example, the following that was in the news yesterday:

More than half a dozen politicians in Germany are caught up in an embarrassing cheating scandal that last year cost the German defense minister his job.

The country’s education minister is also implicated. She, like the other politicians, is accused of plagiarizing other people’s work while earning a doctorate degree…

Some Germans created collaborative websites, or wikis, where they posted plagiarized passages they uncovered.

One such wiki posted a bombshell in February 2011, accusing then Defense Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg of lifting most of his doctoral dissertation from other works.

The German aristocrat and rising political star was stripped of his doctorate and resigned his Cabinet post the following month.

Now, the above is interesting to me because if many politicians in Germany are getting accused of plagiarism, whether they are guilty or not, it will make Baron Guttenberg seem less offensive to Germans (and probably others) if he does re-emerge in a major way in European politics.

He is of prophetic interest to me because he seems to fit both biblical prophecies about the Beast/King of the North and non-biblical prophecies about the so-called Great Monarch of Roman and Orthodox Catholic prophecies.  I have been reporting on him since late 2009, and thus far, he seems to have at least partially fulfilled seven speculative predictions I posted about him (see Might German Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg become the King of the North?).

Since I last posted about him, I added the following to my main article about him, starting with a prophecy from an Eastern Orthodox source:

Leo VI (surnamed the Wise or the Philosopher; Greek: Λέων ΣΤ΄ ό Σοφός, Leōn VI ho Sophos, 19 September 866 – 11 May 912)…was the Byzantine Emperor from 886 to 912 (notice also the interpretations from Dr. Tzima Otto that follow each, all bolding in text):

Emperor Leo the Philosopher (died 912): You the foreigner (or stanger) who is living in the stone, come, get out of it. Abandon the shedding of tears and the wailing and the agricultural lifestyle [or, the living in the countryside, as opposed to the city-living] and resume your life, you who were dead and filled with sorrows; having recollected once again the best of everything and having dispersed for ever the trophy of injustice and lawlessness. (Oraculum XII/Icone 12 as translated in Tzima Otto, p. 68)

Suggested Interpretation:
There are many prophecies of the Great Monarch representing a man who was kind of dead and comes alive again, or an emperor who was sleeping and is awakened…Therefore many previous commentators when they read the text ‘you are living in stone’ consider this metaophorical meaning only…It is quite possible that this ‘foreigner’ stanger, obviously not a Greek, has been living in a place surrounded by stones…along the…coastline. (Tzima Otto, pp. 68-69)

Emperor Leo the Philosopher (died 912): The one who is considered dead (already) and escaping notice [or detection by human vision], many know him, although nobody sees him; He will rise up, all of a sudden, as if from a wine-revelry and will certainly hold the scepters of the kingdom. For a column having been seen in the vault of heaven as if twisted as if by spinning, an invisible herald will shout thunderously thrice:
Make haste and go to the western parts of the Seven-Hilled city and there you will find a servant of Mine, a man dear to Me; Bring him to the royal palace, he wears a helmet, he is soft-spoken, calm, noble-minded, he has very sharp knowledge of the future [or he can see well the future with the mind’s eyes]. Thus, Oh Seven-Hilled city, you will acheive sovereignty once again. (Oraculum XIII/Icone 13 as translated by Tzima Otto, pp. 69-70)

Suggested Interpretation:
This Oracle is most interesting in the sense that it lets us know that this man is not emerging suddenly out of nowhere. Many people know him already. But, He will be miraculously identified…He will where a helmet (It suggests a time of war). (Tzima Otto, p. 70)

Although the Baron is not an emperor yet, he certainly is a stranger/foreigner as he is living in the USA and not his native land of Germany.  And though he is not literally dead, he was likely filled with sorrows related to his plagiarism scandal and the related fallout. It is possible that the Baron may be hurt physically and considered dead. Yet, that is not a requirement as Emperor Leo’s use of the expression ‘considered dead’ can have a variety of interpretations including, in this case, that his political future has been considered dead by many (though not all, including me). Being a Baron, it can easily be concluded that he is “noble-minded.”

The idea that the final King of the North will rise up unexpectedly is consistent with scripture (cf. Daniel 11:21-24). The idea that he will be a smooth talker (Daniel 11:23-24) and will be confirmed by signs and wonders is also consistent with scripture (2 Thessalonians 2:8-10). The idea that he will be a warrior is consistent with scriptures (Daniel 11:39-43; Revelation 13:4).  The idea that he has futuristic knowledge/schemes is consistent with scripture (Daniel 8:23).

I would also add that the Bible warns that a seven-hilled city that reigns and it does not speak well of it (Revelation 17:9,18). The predictions of Leo VI will likely get people to accept that the King of the North is instead the “Great Monarch” who will help Europe, no matter who that leader will be.

Now just because he may be in the process of fulfilling some of those does not prove that he must be the final King of the North. But they certainly give me reason, combined with biblical and other prophetic sources to consider that he could fulfill that role or at least aid the one who will have it.

So, he remains one to watch.  The fact that other leaders in Germany are being accused of plagiarism will certainly show that he was not the only one to copy parts of his doctoral dissertation.  Herr Guttenberg will simply look more like a normal politician.

And of course, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg could simply be a somewhat normal politician with many ups and downs. And all his intentions could be fine. We will see.

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