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Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg


In today’s TW World & Prophecy, the Living Church of God (LCG) reported:

German Defense Minister resigns in scandal.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Germany’s Defense Minister, resigned Tuesday amid pressures related to plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. Apparently, more than 20% of his dissertation was copied without attribution. Mr. zu Guttenberg was one politician whom many Germans still trusted. The scandal has changed that view for many.

Mr. zu Guttenberg is considered by many as “Germany’s most promising politician.” Although Chancellor Merkel tried to protect him, his action of essentially “lying” in an academic setting is forcing people to question his integrity in other areas and responsibilities. Thousands of graduate students across Germany also wrote an open letter to Mrs. Merkel calling for zu Guttenberg to step down.

An article describing the scandal ended with the observation: “As for Mr. zu Guttenberg himself, it would be unwise to write him off. By stepping down now, he hopes to preserve much of the goodwill he has accumulated over the past few years. His resignation may be a prelude to resurrection rather than the end of a brilliant career” (The Economist, March 1, 2011).

Even though plagiarism appears to be a “minor” sin in relation to other horrendous abuses by public officials, it breaks the 8th and 9th commandments and results in consequences. Mr. zu Guttenberg may reemerge in politics in the future (and this bears watching), yet his actions and their ramifications reinforce the biblical principle, “be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23).

As I reported earlier, Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg remains highly popular (see 72% Want Guttenberg to Return).

The Living Church of God reported the following about him before:

Germany Should “Use” Military Force. Speaking at a recent security conference in Berlin, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg urged Germany to “be prepared to use its military to defend the country’s economic interests.” Baron Guttenberg noted that the competing demands of nations today for raw materials made it imperative that Germany—a nation whose export-driven economy is heavily dependent upon imported raw materials—should be prepared to use its military forces to secure trade routes for raw materials and exported goods. While his political opponents were quick to challenge these strong statements as contrary to the German constitution, the Defense Minister saw his position as only logical (Der Spiegel, November 10, 2010). Bible prophecies have long foretold the re-emergence of Germany (modern Assyria) as a major player on the world scene (see Isaiah 10:5-14). The words and actions of this popular German Defense Minister, who is also a lawyer and of Habsburg lineage, will be interesting to watch. (World Ahead Weekly Update, Living Church of God, November 18, 2010).

And the Baron is certainly one to watch, as he seems to be inclined to be a warrior.

As regular readers of this page are aware, for many reasons I have had my eye on Karl Guttenberg since late 2009 when I initially reported about him. And he may be one to watch to rise up as the final “King of the North”. We in the Living Church of God have long taught that a powerful army led by a “strongman” would ultimately arise in Europe. And this will be fulfilled by a single leader, known as the Beast in Revelation 13 & 17 and the final King of the North in Daniel 11. The Bible shows that the other leaders in Europe will give their power to him (Revelation 17:12-14) and that he will lead a military machine that will cause the rest of the world to marvel at (Revelation 13:3-4).

If Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg eventually establishes a new religious order within Catholicism (cf. Daniel 11:38), promotes European unity, promotes ecumenism, promotes peace in the Middle East, and/or otherwise rises up in European politics, he could be very interesting to watch. He now may have the time to do some of these things.

On the other hand, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg could simply be a normal politician, with ups and downs like many others. We will see.

As I reported before, certain Roman and Orthodox Catholic prophecies seem to suggest that a certain leader will arise in Europe after being exiled for something (see Guttenberg Resigns!).  The Baron’s semi-self-imposed exile (he could have stayed in his job as Chancellor Merkel still supported him) bears watching as another Catholic prophecy says that the one who will rise up to rule Europe “is cognizant of the things of the future”, Monk Leontios, d. 912 (see Might German Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg become the King of the North? for more details).

Could the Baron have decided to resign now to partially fulfill the Catholic prophecies about the “king” (Great Monarch) being pushed out to exile?

I do not know, but if he is the one, I would not put it past him.

Much is happening in the world, and a leader known as the final King of the North (or Beast) in Bible prophecy, will ultimately become the leader of Europe. And according to the Bible, he will have military abilities (Revelation 13:1-4) and apparently be charismatic (cf. Daniel 7:20,11:21-24,31; Revelation 13:3-5). Karl Guttenberg fulfills these requirements, despite this current setback.

We all should watch (cf. Mark 13:37).

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