Fatimists on US Presidential Election and ‘Our Only Help’


Received an email some hours ago from The Fatima Center that contained the following:

Laughing Off the Election

Timothy Cardinal Dolan, with what can charitably be described as cheerful non-chalance, weighed in on the disaster of the 2012 elections in Catholic New York, the official publication of the Archdiocese of New York, of which he is the Ordinary.

He says he is writing about it because people ask him about it, after they inquire about the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The clear implication is that he is commenting, not on his own initiative, but in response to those worry-warts who nag him about it. His overall assessment of the election is, in His Eminence’s expression: “You win some, you lose some.”…

Unfortunately, this is the kind of superficial banality that we are now used to hearing from this media-anointed leader of the Catholic Church in the U.S. He reminds us — almost chides us — to remember that Our Lord said His kingdom is not of this world. So, it would seem, those of us upset about the re-election of the anti-Catholic, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Barack Obama are getting too invested in this world. If only we had Cardinal Dolan’s superior detachment, we could put things in their proper perspective and imitate his perpetual smile and ever-ready belly laugh…

I suppose the Cardinal and Obama may have gotten rather chummy rubbing elbows and breaking bread at the Al Smith Dinner (see: “His Eminence Laughs It Up”), but if he doesn’t see the re-election of Obama as a “setback for people of faith,” what does he see?

The Cardinal’s appraisal of the election is as sad, if not more so, than the election itself. If Cardinal Dolan represents Catholic leadership in the United States, as Barack Obama represents the anti-Catholic power of government and media, then the faithful will be pretty much on their own as far as help from the institutional Church is concerned…

Our only help at this time is symbolized by that statue that withstood the flames and floods and fierce winds at Breezy Point. Our Lady of the Storm, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

The above was most likely written by Catholic Priest Nicolas Gruner.  He runs the Fatima Center and, despite writings that suggest otherwise, he is a priest in good standing with the Church of Rome.

As far as writings that seem contrary to Rome goes, for one example, just over a month ago, the Fatima Center took shots at the pope (see Fatimists Take Shots Against Their Pontiff).  And that writing also said to look to the ‘Lady of Fatima,’ who they claim was Mary.

But the ‘Lady of Fatima’ was not possibly Mary, the mother of Jesus (the dress and statements from the apparition in 1917 clearly prove it could not be Mary).  And also, the BIBLE makes it clear that the hope and help from Christians is from Jesus–the ONE MEDIATOR between God and man per 1 Timothy 2:5.  No statue can possibly be “Our only help” like the Fatimist writing claimed, nor could the only help be Mary herself.  Fatimists, and many others, apparently do not know What the Early Church Teach About Idols and Icons.

As far as the USA presidential election goes, the American electorate spoke, and destruction is coming to the Anglo-lands.  Now, I am NOT claiming that voting for a Mormon was the answer to the USA’s problems, but the electorate did prefer someone who appeared to be more in favor of abortion, more supportive of homosexual marriage, and more interfering with religious freedoms than Mitt Romney.

The reality, however, is that neither major USA candidate advocated national repentance, and that, and not the Lady of Fatima, is what the USA needs.

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