German Support of Israel



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German support of Israel.

President Wulff of Germany recently became the fifth German leader to visit the state of Israel. During his visit, he voiced Germany’s support for Israel and also spoke out in support of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He stated, “Germany considers that it has a responsibility concerning Israel’s right to exist and to security.”

In response, Israeli President Shimon Peres commented, “Relations with Germany are as important such as relations can ever be” (Deutsche Welle, November 28, 2010). Mr. Wulff also observed, “In this official visit, I see a sign of our responsibility towards the existence of Israel and the very relationship between our two countries” (Agence France Presse, November 27, 2010). In the guest book at the Holocaust Memorial, Mr. Wulff wrote, “The incomprehensible crimes of the Shoah [holocaust] have made the defense of Israel’s right to exist a permanent duty for Germany and Germans” (, November 29, 2010). Mr. Wulff’s comments send a strong message to Israel’s neighbors and also indicate a potential future path.

Will Germany continue to support peace in Jerusalem while also supporting a separate Palestinian state? Time will tell. Bible prophecies speak of a confederation that links Assyria (Germany) with Arab/Muslim nations that make a short-lived agreement (3½ years) to promote peace with Jews in Jerusalem (see Psalm 83:5-8 and Daniel 9:27). During this period the Temple Mount sacrifices will apparently begin once again. The budding Germany-Israel relationship may be setting the stage for future prophetic events.

The Bible tells of a leader who will be a “prince” that will make what appears to be a seven-year peace deal involving Israel (Daniel 9:26-27).  This same leader apparently breaks the peace deal after 3 1/2 years (Daniel 9:27) and invades Israel (Daniel 9:27; 11:31).

Since the final Beast power will have German support (and perhaps be headed by a German), it makes sense that Germany would at least make some outward moves towards Israel as that will help it be part of some type of peace arrangement in the Middle East that Israel will apparently decide that it has to accept.

And last month, Germany also indicated that it wanted to be part of a peace arrangement in the Middle East (see Germany Wants Middle East Peace Deal).

Many events continue to align with end time prophecy.

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