PCG: German Banks Severe Ties With Iran

At its website, PCG reported:

German Banks Terminate Business With Iran

Germany severed major financial ties with Iran when Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank ended all contracts with Iran, reports Forbes.com…

Regardless of the reason, the banks’ pullout will probably affect Berlin’s trade relationship with Tehran in a big way. Germany had been one of Iran’s main trading partners. Without banks to finance such trade, the forecast for Iranian-German relationships in this sector is bleak.

Though the waters might have gotten too hot for German banks, Asian financiers are not so queasy. Chinese investors are eager to fill the void left by European banks, and some analysts believe this recent move will give China the upper hand in the future.

Germany distancing itself from Iran is only a precursor to the relations these two nations will have in the near future. To learn more about Iran and Germany, read our booklet. The King of the South.

PCG teaches, incorrectly, that Iran is the future King of the South.

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